Have you ever heard of the business model canvas? If so, then you know that it is basically a board of basic elements which need to be evaluated in the process of creating a product and the business around it. Have you ever wondered if such a model could be created for a software design process? I did and here are my thoughts on it. Obviously a detailed implementation cannot be touched by such a “bird’s eye architecture-cheat-sheet” but I think a general description with some design tips can be achieved. So without further ado I bring to you: “The 11 blocks of software architecture”: Read the full article →

Durandal — your new favourite client-side framework

by Patryk Borowa July 9, 2014 Architecture

So you were researching JavaScript frameworks to host your new single page application? Was angular too much or perhaps you don’t have time to learn its relatively complex structure? If answers to both of these questions is “Yes”, then you are probably looking for Durandal, let me introduce it to you.

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GeeCON 2014 – impressions from the biggest Polish Java conference

by Rafał Borowiec May 19, 2014 Books & Events
Being busy preparing for the infoshare conference 2014, we still couldn’t skip the biggest Polish Java conference: GeeCON 2014. So I travelled to Cracow and spent two out of the three conference days there. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I’d say that– those were very exciting days, enriched by the [...]
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Get ready for infoShare 2014 and grab an official infoShare mobile app made by Goyello

by Daniel Dekański May 14, 2014 Android
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IT specialists know that we have at least one thing in common with professional physicians — in order to stay up-to-date we need to constantly devour tons of books, articles and industry news. One year away from the latest IT developments may mean out of the business. But there’s nothing as valuable as live meetings with [...]
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AndroidAnnotations — semantics, stupid!

by Daniel Dekański March 3, 2014 Android
The pace of today’s mobile world is tremendous; new devices and technologies come and go, and developers are constantly under pressure to learn new things. Despite what most hard-core Unix users will tell you, real skills are not hundreds of commands memorized along with their syntax; your professionalism is measured by the ability to creatively [...]
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Mobile’s in the air — Mobile Trends Conference 2014

by Daniel Dekański February 20, 2014 Books & Events
Mobile is the future. And, myself being hugely resistant to all the marketing buzz that comes and goes every few years, when I see people gazing at their smartphone screens on trains and buses, in cafés and restaurants, while no further than just 3 years back they were all holding their books and newspapers or [...]
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Example of just-in-time design : Refactor to Open-Closed

by Pawel Bejger February 11, 2014 Architecture
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Programming is an art of finding the right balance between making software insufficiently flexible and overly complicated. If your code is of poor quality it is usually not easy to change (under-design). While, if your code is too flexible it is usually too complex (over-design). How to find the right balance?
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Why „iPhone first” is a good mobile strategy

by Daniel Dekański January 28, 2014 Android
There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the latest mobile market share statistics and how Apple is „losing ground” to Android as an OS and Samsung as a device manufacturer:
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