Beware of the recent Skype update on Windows 7!

by Maciej Greń on 13th May 2011

Skype has stopped working Recently Skype released new version: You will be requested to update your application during Skype startup. However, you can have serious problems with launching it on Windows 7 machines. When you will try to login, Skype will crash with the most common, Windows message: Skype has stopped working. Fortunately, it can be fixed rather easy. [Update: Skype problem on May 26, 2011, has a different cause. Check our new post.]


You have to turn off the compatibility mode with previous version of Windows on the Skype shortcut properties! When you launch it again, it will work like a charm.
  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much, otherwise I might go to Format My Computer, you saved my time. Thanks again :)

  • Anonymous

    i also have the same problem. Mine OS is Window Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 bit. I also had the “Run this program in compatibility mode” checkbox already unselected. Still it crashes. Any solutions for it?

  •š/1388546799 Petar Avlijaš

    Don’t work!!! When I start Skype everithing is OK, but I don’t heard sound and go to options, there is open very slow. Sound is not working (sound is work perfectly in all aplication) and I can’t change online status. When I shoutdown Skype I can’t kill icon in system try and I can’t kill Skype process in task manager. I must restart PC and again and again and again…. Big problem is when I want kill Skype in task manager I can’t. All program about this problem can’t kill skype process. Help!!!!
    Sorry for my bad english :)

  • Anonymous

    i have been looking for this. i also faced this problem many times but after reading this article i fixed it. Thanks for sharing this post. i also got some help from this article—Why-Does-Skype-Freeze?-How-Do-I-Fix-This-Problem&id=5451940
     , hope someone might get help from this article .

  • Anonymous

    i have been looking for this. i also faced this problem many times but after reading this article i fixed it. Thanks for sharing this post. i also got some help from this article—Why-Does-Skype-Freeze?-How-Do-I-Fix-This-Problem&id=5451940  , hope someone might get help from this article .

  • PetersOpinion

    Hi Glenn, thanks for sharing!

  • Sathur Ling

    sir i have window 7 my skype version was 5.3.0 latest my internet speed was 21mpbs when i open skpe and start to take the no clear aromatically going to off and when i will tell the other side was also  not clear before it was good now from one month the problem was going on so please help me how to sole the problem  

  • Dennis

    My Skype likewise stopped working today. It would connect with video and audio for a couple of seconds and then give the “Skype has stopped working” message. I finally resolved it by installing Skype’s Beta version available on I haven’t used it extensively yet, but everything seems to be working fine.

  • Joey Gaspary

    Yes its seams to allow the test call. none of the other trouble shooting options worked. 

  • Joey Gaspary

    Maybe the next stable version will also have the fix for windows 7. i just bought hp laptop with quadcore processor with good video performance. need that for skype. Thanks a lot. I very much appreciate it. :)

  • Prakrit Duangsutha

    Thanks so much.. It works for me :)

  •š/1388546799 Petar Avlijaš

    I solved this problem! Kill microsoft net framework process and this is it. Skype work!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am unable to find microsoft net framework when I open task manager. Dot net 4 is installed on my machine. OS is Win 7 professional. Old version works fine, but the stability when on call was very bad, even I have 10mbps broadband connection at home :( The error message is : “Skype has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” Replaced xml, checked the compatibilty mode, re-installed, scanned the registry. Nothing works. Please suggest….

  • Md Mamun Yeasin Khan

    Hello I did both…..I mean removing shared.xml and turning off compatibility  mode but same problem remains…..SKYPE HAS STOPPED WORKING……….I tried in all combination of your suggestion…….What else should I do??

  • Anonymous

    i’ve tried every solution that have been told but unfortunately none of them work! i really dont know what to do right now

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