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Being busy preparing for the infoshare conference 2014, we still couldn’t skip the biggest Polish Java conference: GeeCON 2014. So I travelled to Cracow and spent two out of the three conference days there. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I’d say that– those were very exciting days, enriched by the names like Arun Gupta, Adam Bien or Josh Long, well known in the Java community. If you add Jurgen Appelo or Kevlin Henney you may be sure that the conference must have something precious to offer to its attendees.

 I faced the regular challenge: which presentations to join when you have a choice out of 5 parallel tracks? I know I missed some good speeches and some of those I attended were not worth it, but still I have a handful of valuable remarks out of the inspiring presentations I was lucky to join. I do hope you’ll find this summary interesting and helpful for further investigation. Read the full article →

Quick start with method caching using Spring 3.1 and Ehcache

by Rafał Borowiec January 20, 2012 Java
A while ago I wrote about method caching in Java using Ehcache Annotations for Spring. However, Spring 3.1 release, among many enhancements, brings native support for method caching with so-called cache abstraction. The main usage scenario of cache abstraction is to reduce the number of expensive executions and/or slow methods returning the same result for [...]
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How to find the right balance in between functionality and technology

by Rafał Borowiec December 20, 2011 Agile software development
Thumbnail image for How to find the right balance in between functionality and technology The fundamental goal of each software developer is to build and deliver the right software that satisfies their customers. A software developer that wants to succeed, must be a professional focusing on a positive outcome of the project. He needs to find the right balance between building the right software and building the software right. [...]
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Top 5 enhancements of Spring MVC 3.1

by Rafał Borowiec December 16, 2011 Java
Thumbnail image for Top 5 enhancements of Spring MVC 3.1 After many months of development, Spring 3.1 has been finally released. The release is shipped with some exciting features like caching abstraction, bean profiles and container configuration simplifications. However, in this blog post I will describe my top 5 enhancements of Spring MVC 3.1.
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Pretty Time – timestamp formatting made easy

by Rafał Borowiec September 22, 2011 Best practices
It’s of the highest importance to present information in an understandable way. Users of applications shouldn’t waste their  valuable time figuring out the meaning of information. A great example is displaying date and time values to the user. Let’s assume you would like to show some operation took place just a couple of minutes ago, [...]
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Java EE 6 leads to productivity with joy

by Rafał Borowiec May 17, 2011 Java
Thumbnail image for Java EE 6 leads to productivity with joy InfoShare 2011, the free IT and new media conference in Gdansk, is over. I was there for the first time, mostly because of the technological track, including Adam Bien’s “Java EE 6 And Best Practices With Nothing But Code – Live Hacking” and his workshop “Java EE 6 – Productivity With Joy!”. Bottom line conclusion: [...]
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Quick start with Ehcache Annotations for Spring

by Rafał Borowiec July 29, 2010 Best practices
How to profit from the new Ehcache Annotations for Spring? As a Java developer you would like to know, don’t you? ehcache-spring-annotations – licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 – is a project that simplifies caching in Spring based application using popular Ehcache library. Version 1.1.2 of ehcache-spring-annotations has been released only recently. In this [...]
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HOW-TO: Create Java Web Application with Eclipse WTP and m2eclipse

by Rafał Borowiec June 15, 2010 Best practices
On daily basis we use Eclipse as a primary IDE for developing Java applications. We also are tightly coupled with Apache Maven as our main project management tool. A well known plugin that integrates Apache Maven into Eclipse is m2eclipse. One of its main features is the integration with Web Tools Project (WTP). In this short [...]
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Make it easy, test it easily: RESTful Web Services with JAVA and soapUI

by Rafał Borowiec September 17, 2009 GOYELLOblog
In this article I will show how to build basic RESTful Web Services in JAVA for Web Application using JAX-RS: The Java API for RESTful Web Services and its open source implementation: Jersey together with XStream. I will also show how easy is to extend Jersey to work with your favorite XStream library and that [...]
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HOW TO randomize website test using JMeter?

by Rafał Borowiec September 15, 2009 Best practices
Do you want test if all links works on your website correct? Moreover, do you want check how your websites behave when some user will be click on various URLs and he will open pages in a different order? This is possible with Apache JMeter, but it isn’t easy to do. I had a lot problems to create appropriate test plan, but finally I made it. I want to share the results of the work with you in this post.
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