Agile software development

Since the advent of Web 2.0, social interaction is king. Now, almost every single mobile app works in the environment of its users exchanging ideas through content authoring, comments, likes and shares. Even the simplest and most “personal” of them, like personal planners, address books and to-do lists, enable users to put their data in the cloud, share them with others and access them using a myriad of devices and interfaces. The bottom line is that every one of them needs a back-end and an API to talk to. Read the full article →

This is how we Jam!

by michal.warkocz January 30, 2015 Agile software development
Thumbnail image for This is how we Jam! A quick guide on how to win a Game Jam Have you ever considered joining any coding marathon like a Game Jam, but were too afraid to do it? Or did you join one and it didn’t go as you planned? If your answer to any of those question was ‘Yes’ – don’t worry. It […]
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Agile eCommerce is the only right way!

by Peter Horsten July 5, 2013 Agile software development
Lately I’ve been frequently asked how our 21webmerce solution distinguishes from the big players like IBM or Oracle. You could call me insane to compare ourselves with those big players, because they have huge development teams and unlimited financial resources to develop their solutions. And let’s not forget their experience. But why not give it a […]
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Responding to change with Scrum

by Peter Horsten June 11, 2012 Agile software development
Organizations constantly feel the pressure to quickly adapt to rapidly changing (economic) conditions. In particular management, sales and marketing – being the “demand side” of the organization – experience this directly. They often do not feel supported by the rest of the organization and potential providers (provider side) when adjustments are required. This is also […]
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Top 4 qualities of a good software developer

by Pawel Bejger March 8, 2012 Agile software development
Thumbnail image for Top 4 qualities of a good software developer Have you ever wondered whether you can consider yourself a good software developer? If so, you probably also wondered what it means to be a good software programmer. What are the skills of a good software engineer? What are the differences between the bad and the good one? Is this just a matter of experience? […]
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How to find the right balance in between functionality and technology

by RBorowiec December 20, 2011 Agile software development
Thumbnail image for How to find the right balance in between functionality and technology The fundamental goal of each software developer is to build and deliver the right software that satisfies their customers. A software developer that wants to succeed, must be a professional focusing on a positive outcome of the project. He needs to find the right balance between building the right software and building the software right. […]
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