Magic Strings – No More!

by michal.warkocz on 30th December 2014

Post image for Magic Strings – No More! How many times have you had to work with some Legacy code? Was it readable? Silly question… But what was the main problem? If the code was written in an unclear way and you did not have any idea how to refactor it please visit my post under this LINK. I have recently stumbled across another problem: magic strings. And boy, I was surprised by human ingenuity once again! Imagine having a class whose source code you cannot change due to technical or business reasons. Read the full article →

ORMs – Love them or hate them?

by PBorowa December 18, 2014 Architecture
Thumbnail image for ORMs – Love them or hate them? For many reasons we have grown to love our ORMs. We enjoy the simplicity of Entity Framework, the way it separates us from the old much unappreciated world of stored procedures and the T-SQL. We also love the nHibernate for its maturity and the amount of features it provides.
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Clean Code – Is my code always readable?

by michal.warkocz December 11, 2014 Architecture
Thumbnail image for Clean Code – Is my code always readable? Did you ever have to go back to a fragment of code that you wrote a month or year ago? How did it feel? Was it easy or did you have to figure out how it worked from scratch? If you need more than just one look, there is a good chance that you are […]
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Durandal — your new favourite client-side framework

by PBorowa July 9, 2014 Architecture

So you were researching JavaScript frameworks to host your new single page application? Was angular too much or perhaps you don’t have time to learn its relatively complex structure? If answers to both of these questions is “Yes”, then you are probably looking for Durandal, let me introduce it to you.

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Threading in C#: 7 Things you should always remember about

by Pawel Bejger January 21, 2014 Best practices
Thumbnail image for Threading in C#: 7 Things you should always remember about Have you ever spent a few hours on trying to debug a non-deterministic problem occurring in your multi-threading application? If so, then you should definitely read this article. If not it is anyway a good way of revising your current knowledge about threading challenges in C#.  Being aware of some common facts about threading can […]
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6 more things C# developers should (not) do

by Pawel Bejger January 30, 2013 C#
Thumbnail image for 6 more things C# developers should (not) do For all wondering what are the things a C# developer should and should not do. As the continuation of my previous post 8 Most common mistakes C# developers make I decided to write another article about the things C# developers should always be aware of.
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