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8 Most common mistakes C# developers make

by Pawel Bejger January 7, 2013 C#
Thumbnail image for 8 Most common mistakes C# developers make While working with (young) C# programmers I’ve noticed that some mistakes are being repeated by almost every one of them. These are mostly the mistakes, which once you point them, are quite easy to remember. However, if a developer is not aware of them, they can cause many problems with the efficiency and quality of […]
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How well does Microsoft support HTML5 knowing IE sucks?

by Marcin Dembowski December 24, 2012 Microsoft
We blogged about HTML5 throughout this year with big enthusiasm, but also from time to time with a dose of skepticism  (see, see). Well, it’s December now and what have you learned about it?  Do we have any other opportunity to learn? Did something change ? Or should we just conclude it sucks and didn’t […]
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Remote ASP.NET Model Validation with generic version of AddModelError

by Pawel Olesiejuk October 29, 2012 Architecture
Validation is an extremely important part of a software system. It prevents users from inserting incorrect data. Although it seems to be a piece of cake, it’s not. It’s hard to keep validation logic separated from business logic. This problem, as almost all of known to developeres problems, has as many solutions as there are […]
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Let the Power of Shell be with you! A Powershell review

by Marcin Dembowski September 18, 2012 Microsoft
Today we live in the era of graphical user interfaces. Click here, click there – everything is done by users’ clicks. If you are a developer you are probably familiar with the drag&drop programming style – drag a control from a box, drop on the form and double click to create a handler. However, it […]
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Strong typing in PHP (“wrapping”): To implement or not to implement?

by Michał Giergielewicz September 13, 2012 Best practices
Thumbnail image for Strong typing in PHP (“wrapping”): To implement or not to implement? PHP is a language of weak typing, which means that the type of variables can be changing during runtime. Since the version 5.0, PHP has enabled the, so called, type hinting. Type hinting means method parameters marking to demand a certain type of data. This allows, to some extent, for data type control. Unfortunately, it […]
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Unparalleled opportunities for Microsoft Partners – WPC12

by Peter Horsten July 10, 2012 Azure
Thumbnail image for Unparalleled opportunities for Microsoft Partners – WPC12 The first day of this prestigious event started off a bit chaotic, with a huge queue at the Canadian Conference Centre. No wonder, after all Microsoft was welcoming 16.000 of their partners from all around the world. Fortunately, we managed to arrive just in time for the keynotes, something you wouldn’t like to miss! The […]
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