Agile Methodology

Good software developer

Have you ever wondered whether you can consider yourself a good software developer? If so, you probably also wondered what it means to be a good software programmer. What are the skills of a good software engineer? What are the differences between the bad and the good one? Is this just a matter of experience? Is this connected with knowledge and practice or rather with some inborn abilities? How to become a good software developer? Let me share with you my definition of a good programmer.

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Key challenges in Agile implementations

by Pawel Olesiejuk November 28, 2011 Agile software development
Thumbnail image for Key challenges in Agile implementations Agile methodology was supposed to be a solution to solve all of our problems. But it looks like it’s not. Some issues appear when companies start to implement Agile in their organizations. A research has been done on seventeen companies using Agile methodology (People over processes: Key people challenges in Agile Development). Authors chose nine […]
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