Being busy preparing for the infoshare conference 2014, we still couldn’t skip the biggest Polish Java conference: GeeCON 2014. So I travelled to Cracow and spent two out of the three conference days there. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I’d say that– those were very exciting days, enriched by the names like Arun Gupta, Adam Bien or Josh Long, well known in the Java community. If you add Jurgen Appelo or Kevlin Henney you may be sure that the conference must have something precious to offer to its attendees.

 I faced the regular challenge: which presentations to join when you have a choice out of 5 parallel tracks? I know I missed some good speeches and some of those I attended were not worth it, but still I have a handful of valuable remarks out of the inspiring presentations I was lucky to join. I do hope you’ll find this summary interesting and helpful for further investigation. Read the full article →

Agile eCommerce is the only right way!

by Peter Horsten July 5, 2013 Agile software development
Lately I’ve been frequently asked how our 21webmerce solution distinguishes from the big players like IBM or Oracle. You could call me insane to compare ourselves with those big players, because they have huge development teams and unlimited financial resources to develop their solutions. And let’s not forget their experience. But why not give it a [...]
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Responding to change with Scrum

by Peter Horsten June 11, 2012 Agile software development
Organizations constantly feel the pressure to quickly adapt to rapidly changing (economic) conditions. In particular management, sales and marketing – being the “demand side” of the organization – experience this directly. They often do not feel supported by the rest of the organization and potential providers (provider side) when adjustments are required. This is also [...]
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Top 4 qualities of a good software developer

by Pawel Bejger March 8, 2012 Agile software development
Thumbnail image for Top 4 qualities of a good software developer Have you ever wondered whether you can consider yourself a good software developer? If so, you probably also wondered what it means to be a good software programmer. What are the skills of a good software engineer? What are the differences between the bad and the good one? Is this just a matter of experience? [...]
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The 7 ground rules of communication to became a good Manager

by Maciej Greń January 26, 2012 Management
As a Manager you have to cope with people. This is your daily bread. The way you communicate with others can be a key to either your success or failure. People tend to block themselves, refuse to cooperate when their Manager talks to them in a wrong way. A good Manager has to understand a [...]
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How Personas can help you clear the fog

by Peter Horsten January 19, 2012 Best practices
Thumbnail image for How Personas can help you clear the fog Just imagine yourself taking part in a lively discussion at some birthday party. Everybody is telling great stories about recent holidays. We ask some polite questions and at least pretend to share the same excitement. What’s wrong with it? Honestly, may not be much as long as everybody likes it. But this shouldn’t happen when [...]
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