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  • 30/01/2015 • • Agile • Views: 91

    Agile contracting: challenge accepted!

    Agile development based on a contract that has been accepted by lawyers seems impossible. The nature of traditional purchasing and contracting processes does not match the Agile principles. When a project is small you can manage to find a...

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  • 30/01/2015 • • Software • Views: 51

    This is how we Jam!

    A quick guide on how to win a Game Jam Have you ever considered joining any coding marathon like a Game Jam, but were too afraid to do it? Or did you join one and it didn’t go as you planned? If your answer to any of those question was...

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  • 08/07/2014 • • Movies • Views: 12

    The art of doing twice as much in half the time [Video]

    Doesn’t that sound great? Doing twice as much in half the time? You probably think this ain’t possible. We will not claim it is easy, but for sure it is doable to deliver more new functionality and especially business value a...

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  • 19/05/2014 • • Software, Trends & Events • Views: 19

    GeeCON 2014 – impressions from the biggest Polish Java conference

    Being busy preparing for the infoshare conference 2014, we still couldn’t skip the biggest Polish Java conference: GeeCON 2014. So I travelled to Cracow and spent two out of the three conference days there. If I had to sum it up in one...

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  • 22/10/2013 • • Movies • Views: 24

    Agile in the Goyello way

    Peter HorstenEntrepreneur, co-founder & MD of Goyello, Webmerce, AmberVend and FindLocalGift. I love converting great ideas into new solutions. I’m both a sociologist and an electrotechnical engineer. A great combination that...

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  • 05/07/2013 • • Agile, Trends & Events • Views: 11

    Agile eCommerce is the only right way!

    Lately I’ve been frequently asked how our 21webmerce solution distinguishes from the big players like IBM or Oracle. You could call me insane to compare ourselves with those big players, because they have huge development teams and...

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