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Dependency Injection – everybody’s doing it! It helps you write flexible, loosely coupled, reusable, testable and maintainable code. But fancy keywords aside, are you sure you know how to use it to reap all the benefits? Let’s have a look at a couple of tips on how you can use DI to help you write high quality code.

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Two Symfony Live videos every (web) developer must see

by Jakub Zalas March 19, 2011 Best practices
Few days ago videos from the Symfony Live conference in Paris were published. I have to say it was an excellent conference with many great talks and exceptional people. It not only covered Symfony or PHP topics but also more general things in the area of web development and best practices.
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Why automatic deployment of PHP applications is important?

by Jakub Zalas March 15, 2010 Best practices
There are many ways PHP applications are deployed on production servers. Some people use SCMs like Subversion to fetch latest revision of code. Others simply transfer the files via FTP, SSH or rsync. There is one problem with all of these approaches. They are error prone. File transfer is only part of the deployment process. [...]
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Are company meetings useless?

by Agnieszka Gibowska February 5, 2010 HRM
The company life is all about communication be it direct, face-to-face or virtual and remote with colleagues, clients and company partners. Have you ever counted how many meetings you attend in the period of a month or a year? Many people’s work days consist of meetings almost entirely. After all these hours of discussing most [...]
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Why do we need Open Source frameworks?

by Jakub Zalas November 17, 2009 Agile software development
The purpose of using widely available frameworks is surprisingly not always clear to everyone. Some even prefer not to use any framework at all. Obviously for some it may be  harder to understand than for others. The question remains: why using Open Source frameworks is so important and valuable?
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CSS framework? Is it worth it?

by bmazurek November 16, 2009 Best practices
Among environmental designers, the word “css framework” is becoming more and more popular. But what is it? What are the benefits and drawbacks are we facing here. Below you will find the first part of the article on css framework.
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