Winning together in a new era of technology, Microsoft WPC12

Microsoft’s yearly Worldwide Partner Conference is over. After 4 days, 5 days with the national events included, of presentations and discussions it’s clear that Microsoft wants their partners to win, thus to sell. Moreover, it has to happen in this fiscal year (FY13). Microsoft’s chiefs stressed their products are ready to beat the competition. The marketing tools are in the right  place. The opportunity to sell is “unprecedented”.There’s a new era of technology. It’s about the cloud, Windows 8, Windows Phone and many more. The Consumerization of IT drives the change and Microsoft is ready to offer any solution to make that the users can work wherever and whenever they want. A dramatic change can be expected. It’s about winning through execution to achieve the new Era – Together. Read the full article →

Unparalleled opportunities for Microsoft Partners – WPC12

by Peter Horsten July 10, 2012 Azure
Thumbnail image for Unparalleled opportunities for Microsoft Partners – WPC12 The first day of this prestigious event started off a bit chaotic, with a huge queue at the Canadian Conference Centre. No wonder, after all Microsoft was welcoming 16.000 of their partners from all around the world. Fortunately, we managed to arrive just in time for the keynotes, something you wouldn’t like to miss! The […]
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Goyello is heading for WPC12 – the biggest annual Microsoft Partner event

by Peter Horsten July 5, 2012 Azure
Thumbnail image for Goyello is heading for WPC12 – the biggest annual Microsoft Partner event That’s the second time we’ll have a chance to take part in the annual event organized by Microsoft. Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is held to inform, encourage and support all Microsoft partners. It’s also a chance for the partners to share experience and initiate new ventures. Last year amused us with a plenitude of innovations, […]
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Data without limits but trust is limited

by Peter Horsten March 9, 2012 Books & Events
“Managing Trust” is the main theme of this week’s CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Managing Trust is a logical progression from the main theme of CeBIT 2011, “Work & Life with the Cloud”. Usage of cloud-based solutions continues to increase, but lack of trust in these offerings remains a major obstacle. “CeBIT has set the goal […]
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The Cloud as the answer to Consumerization of IT

by Peter Horsten September 7, 2011 Books & Events
Thumbnail image for The Cloud as the answer to Consumerization of IT The consumerization of IT forces IT providers to think differently. Business users want to have access to similar features and devices both at the office and at home. Increasingly, these are features provided from the cloud, which enables the user to have access to everything, from anywhere, at any time. Are your ready for this? […]
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What’s the best cloud road to follow: Google Apps or Microsoft Online Services?

by Peter Horsten July 14, 2011 Best practices
For many organizations it is clear that moving your e-mail and documents to the cloud is the right way to go. During the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference several resellers shared their experiences with both Google Apps and Microsoft Online Services and why they decided to choose for Microsoft. Of course these guys are more in […]
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