Is the Skype - Microsoft marriage a road to hell? Just a few days after Google and Facebook reported they were interested in partnering, even buying Skype, Microsoft announced it bought the company for $ 8,56 billion in cash. The purchase was taking over 180 million people actively video calling. Unfortunately, just a few days later it went wrong. Read the full article →

NEW: HootSuite5 with HTML5, geo-search, themes, Google Analytics and native re-tweets

by Peter Horsten June 24, 2010 Facebook
Today my HootSuite client was offline for a while, which was a big surprise. In general Hootsuite is a very reliable service. Fortunately, I was informed this was due to a remarkable update. Some time late I noticed significant changes to the social media dashboard beginning with a completely refreshed HTML5 user interface, plus geo-located […]
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Is Facebook Open Graph worth this hype?

by Agnieszka Gibowska May 6, 2010 Facebook
Two weeks ago Facebook launched a new social plugin (“like” button) that works with the Open Graph protocol as part of the strategy to make the Web more social and personalized. The button spreads across the internet and it’s clear that websites’ owners quickly embraced the new social plugin. There is already a lot of controversy […]
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5 reasons why social media are not suitable for every business

by Peter Horsten December 10, 2009 Best practices
The adoption of social media is increasing at high speed. You only have to watch the impressive increase of Twitter and Facebook accounts. They offer both new opportunities and challenges to stand above the crowd. If you listen to all the advice there is hardly any way to escape from it. On the other hand […]
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First look at Silverlight Facebook SDK

by Maciej Greń November 16, 2009 Facebook
SDK Facebook 3.0 is an open source library that in new release facilitate ASP.MVC and Silverlight capabilitites.
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Does TweetDeck v0.30 really bring your friends closer?

by Peter Horsten September 10, 2009 Facebook
Today TweetDeck has released v0.30 of their very successful Twitter desktop client. They claim that this release brings your friends even closer than before. From today you can fully manage your Facebook wall and pages and MySpace integration is available as well. But does this bring your friends closer? Let’s give it a try!
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