It’s been about two weeks since the Windows 8 build appeared. During the first week about one million users had a chance to run the new build of Windows 8. Have you read our developer preview and our first Windows 8 impressions? Then you probably remember that we wrote about the new metro User Interface, Internet and Windows Explorer. We also added  some screenshots to present what it looks like from a user’s perspective. Since that time a new version appeared with some improvements and additional features. Let’s see what’s inside this package!

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Will HTML5 fulfill the old Java(script) write once run anywhere promise?

by Marcin Dembowski February 6, 2012 Software development
Do you remember the slogan Java Everywhere – write once, run anywhere – WORA, sometimes WORE or by some, and here I mean .NET developers (like me), called Just-W*ORE. This slogan saying you can write Java code on any machine, compile it and run on any device, was very popular a couple of years ago. […]
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Will you have a Merry Christmas with your web browser?

by Marcin Dembowski December 23, 2011 Web design
Two days before Christmas Eve makes you forget about all programming languages, design and architectural patterns or some other programming features. Let’s do something else for a change and take a look at how fast our web browser can draw… snowflakes!
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Farewell IE6 even Google no longer supports you

by Peter Horsten February 3, 2010 Market research
YouTube was among the first big brands which decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 and today Google joined the IE6 ban. Like many others Google is using more and more Javascript technology to realize Rich Internet Applications (RIA). The main issue is that JavaScript is not supported in the same way by different browsers […]
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Why I love Chrome, but I use Firefox

by Maciej Greń September 2, 2009 Best practices
For some time I was astonished by Chrome. I just love how fast it is, how tiny but useful Google made it. I think that we all like such applications. However, my Chrome love is in danger! My old browser-friend is keeping coming back to me – Firefox. Sometimes I can refuse to use Firefox and suddenly I notice that I have 50 pages opened in Chrome, 10 in Firefox but I can’t move them all to Chrome…Why I love Chrome, but I am using Firefox?
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Internet Explorer will not lose market share to Firefox 3.5

by Peter Horsten July 1, 2009 Internet marketing
If you have been online today, you couldn’t have missed it. A new Firefox release is available, after several hours already over 2 million people downloaded the new version. High time because the last official release is about one year old. Despite all the buzz that was going on today on Twitter and other social […]
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