Companies need employees and people are looking for a job. For both it’s a great challenge to find the right connection. We at Goyello are constantly looking for nice new colleagues, people who fit our team, who are just like us. Attracting the right colleagues is a real challenge and from time to time we experiment to find the best way to reach out to our ” audience”. Today we present our vacancy for .NET developers in a special way. Read the full article →

It is impossible to work between 9-5

by Agnieszka Gibowska March 18, 2010 Best practices
Have you ever wondered how many hours do you actually work at the office? Excluding lunch breaks and other breaks obviously. Have you ever calculated your productivity level during the day? How many hours are you able to work uninterrupted? If at all possible.
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A legend of the notorious Black Team

by Agnieszka Gibowska March 12, 2010 Books & Events
In my last post about teams I claimed there is no universal recipe for breeding a jelled team. A few days ago I came across a great book Peopleware, first published 20 years ago and then updated a few times. The authors explain what it takes for the team to jell. In order to illustrate […]
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A recipe for a perfect team doesn’t exist?

by Agnieszka Gibowska March 4, 2010 HRM
The value of having jelled teams in the company or working in one is pretty obvious. Such teams are more productive and work more efficiently since they feel comfortable with each other. Can we use some magic trick to create a good team? Not really. For managers it’s usually easier to point out team killing […]
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3 secrets to becoming more innovative

by Agnieszka Gibowska February 12, 2010 HRM
Recently, I’ve come cross an HBR article “The Innovator’s DNA”, in which they explain what makes some people innovative and what sets them apart from the rest of us? They also tried to answer the question why some companies are innovative and some are not? Where do the best ideas come from? The article is […]
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Despite having innovative tools people don’t collaborate

by Agnieszka Gibowska February 4, 2010 Best practices
We all know that only the “learning organizations” have a bright future ahead. Knowledge is the key predictor of success. So why aren’t we eager to share our knowledge? Why often people working for the same organization don’t cooperate? Nowadays, with the development of IT industry companies give their employees the variety of tools to […]
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