We blogged about HTML5 throughout this year with big enthusiasm, but also from time to time with a dose of skepticism  (see, see). Well, it’s December now and what have you learned about it?  Do we have any other opportunity to learn? Did something change ? Or should we just conclude it sucks and didn’t bring what we were all hoping for?

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HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript improvements in Visual Studio 11

by Pawel Bejger March 2, 2012
Thumbnail image for HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript improvements in Visual Studio 11 Mads Kristensen gave a very interesting lecture at TechDays 2012 in The Hague about all the new functionalities and options in Visual Studio 11 and ASP.NET 4.5.  While browsing through the list of new features we can get the impression that this time the main focus was put on web standards and HTML5. A lot […]
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Will HTML5 fulfill the old Java(script) write once run anywhere promise?

by Marcin Dembowski February 6, 2012 Software development
Do you remember the slogan Java Everywhere – write once, run anywhere – WORA, sometimes WORE or by some, and here I mean .NET developers (like me), called Just-W*ORE. This slogan saying you can write Java code on any machine, compile it and run on any device, was very popular a couple of years ago. […]
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How to NOT store user credentials in a database

by Marcin Dembowski January 10, 2012 Architecture
Sometimes you need to create an application with your own role and user management module. In most cases you are creating it in a simple and understandable way. That way the user information with a password is stored in the database in the same table named User. In this post I will show you why […]
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HTML5 empire is coming

by Kamil Stachowicz January 5, 2012 Software development
The IT Market is amazing. Even when starting a college, you never know what to expect when you finish it. Which technology will be the most popular? What kind of knowledge will give you the opportunity to find a job quickly and easily? You have to stay up-to-date even if you were believing in something […]
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Will you have a Merry Christmas with your web browser?

by Marcin Dembowski December 23, 2011 Web design
Two days before Christmas Eve makes you forget about all programming languages, design and architectural patterns or some other programming features. Let’s do something else for a change and take a look at how fast our web browser can draw… snowflakes!
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