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dell-logo-online-newLast week Dell announced they earned over $6.5 million through Twitter alone. This message gained a lot of (social) media attention. But I doubt the credits of the success should go to Twitter alone. Dell is putting a lot of effort in social media like their blog, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and multiple Twitter accounts. Their social media effort generated this additional turnover not Twitter. Unfortunately till now Dell is the only good example of a successful social media strategy. Read the full article →

Do you really need Twitter?

by Peter Horsten August 15, 2009 Best practices
Considering the latest boost of using social network sites for business purposes I’ve realized that marketers are more willingly to devote themselves to following and Tweeting on Twitter. I came across a few numbers and statistics and reports on Twitter usage. What springs to my mind is that this application is being used more and […]
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Google needs more than Caffeine to survive

by Peter Horsten August 14, 2009 Internet marketing
Google, the Internet revelation of the late 90’s with a real breakthrough in the year 2000. Apart from a revelation it was treated as a relief in the Internet world. Finally, a free service that generated good search results. Soon Google became the number one search engine, at least for Europe. But the Google success […]
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HOW TO: Present your business online

by Peter Horsten June 27, 2009 Internet marketing
The time has come to present your business online if you haven’t done it yet! Take Poland, for example, here only about 48% of businesses present themselves online. Time for a change! Recently PMR communicated that online retail is growing in Poland, like it is growing everywhere. Combined with the increase in online banking and the amount of people that have […]
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Eight Techniques for Successful Internet Marketing

by Tomek Jagodziński June 1, 2009 Internet marketing
Online marketing has had many trends over the years. Some techniques came and went quickly while others are still around. Online marketers are constantly trying to keep up with all the latest “secrets” for internet success. So what are the most successful techniques for internet marketing? Some of them are pretty obvious while others may […]
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