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IT specialists know that we have at least one thing in common with professional physicians — in order to stay up-to-date we need to constantly devour tons of books, articles and industry news. One year away from the latest IT developments may mean out of the business. But there’s nothing as valuable as live meetings with the best people in the industry, and this is what IT conferences are about. Read the full article →

Why „iPhone first” is a good mobile strategy

by Daniel Dekański January 28, 2014 Android
There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the latest mobile market share statistics and how Apple is „losing ground” to Android as an OS and Samsung as a device manufacturer:
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Lync client available for Windows Phone other mobile platforms follow soon

by Peter Horsten December 13, 2011 Mobile
Thumbnail image for Lync client available for Windows Phone other mobile platforms follow soon Microsoft has just released their long-awaited Lync mobile client for Windows Phone. It’s available for download in the marketplace. A version for iPhone, Android and Symbian will be available in the next days as well. Even a separate iPad Lync client is supposed to be released soon.
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Fast face detection by Apple in iOS

by Krzystof Kunowski October 12, 2011 iPhone
Thumbnail image for Fast face detection by Apple in iOS Apple together with the Core Image Framework for iOS5 and Lion 10.7 introduces a really cool and easy to use face detection API.  The face detection technology was bought by Apple for over $22 million from Polar Rose, a Swedish company known from its face-tagging pictures service and facial recognition software. The API detection with [...]
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Native mobile app losing ground thanks to the web app

by Peter Horsten June 14, 2011 Best practices
Thumbnail image for Native mobile app losing ground thanks to the web app App Stores are doing well. Apple is earning decent money by providing it. But for how long? An increasing amount of publishers complains about the costly investment to support an increasing amount of mobile platforms. They prefer to move away from it. And why not? HTML5 has arrived and it proves to do well. Today’s [...]
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CeBIT iPhone App available for download

by Peter Horsten February 24, 2011 Books & Events
Thumbnail image for CeBIT iPhone App available for download Are you planning to visit the CeBIT in Hannover next week (March 1st until 5th)? In case you do better download the App CeBIT2go [iTunes link]. You need to install it through a Wifi connection. Afterwards you will have 40 MB of CeBIT data to prepare your visit or to navigate from hall to hall. The [...]
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Gist helps you to keep track of your social network

by Peter Horsten October 16, 2009 Facebook
Some weeks ago I decided to give Gist a try. This week I became even more interested after they released Gist for iPhone. By using Gist, which by definition means “the essence”,  both on your desktop and iPhone keeping track of your social network becomes very easy. Do you want to know everything about the [...]
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Tweetie 2 finally available in the App Store

by Peter Horsten October 12, 2009 iPhone
Tweetie 2, Loren Brichter’s new baby, is finally available for download in the iPhone App Store. About two weeks ago the release of this new Twitter client for the iPhone was announced. The previous Tweetie has been rewarded the Apple Desing Award, which made me even more curious about version 2.
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Can Windows Phone regain its market share from iPhone?

by Peter Horsten October 8, 2009 Android
It’s clear the war is on between the big players on the mobile market. Already for a longer time it has been noticeable that iPhone is gaining market share. This week IntoMobile showed that both Symbian and Windows Mobile are losing market share to iPhone, Android and webOS. Some days later Microsoft released its new [...]
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Microsoft SkyMarket wants to beat Apple Store!

by Maciej Greń September 26, 2009 iPhone
Microsoft SkyMarket wants to beat Apple AppStore
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