The pace of today’s mobile world is tremendous; new devices and technologies come and go, and developers are constantly under pressure to learn new things. Despite what most hard-core Unix users will tell you, real skills are not hundreds of commands memorized along with their syntax; your professionalism is measured by the ability to creatively solve problems. AndroidAnnotations is a step in the right direction. Read the full article →

Will HTML5 fulfill the old Java(script) write once run anywhere promise?

by Marcin Dembowski February 6, 2012 Software development
Do you remember the slogan Java Everywhere – write once, run anywhere – WORA, sometimes WORE or by some, and here I mean .NET developers (like me), called Just-W*ORE. This slogan saying you can write Java code on any machine, compile it and run on any device, was very popular a couple of years ago. […]
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Quick start with method caching using Spring 3.1 and Ehcache

by Rafał Borowiec January 20, 2012 Java
A while ago I wrote about method caching in Java using Ehcache Annotations for Spring. However, Spring 3.1 release, among many enhancements, brings native support for method caching with so-called cache abstraction. The main usage scenario of cache abstraction is to reduce the number of expensive executions and/or slow methods returning the same result for […]
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Pretty Time – timestamp formatting made easy

by Rafał Borowiec September 22, 2011 Best practices
It’s of the highest importance to present information in an understandable way. Users of applications shouldn’t waste their  valuable time figuring out the meaning of information. A great example is displaying date and time values to the user. Let’s assume you would like to show some operation took place just a couple of minutes ago, […]
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JEE6 – CDI and Conversation Scope

by Łukasz Stępliński June 8, 2011 Java
Thumbnail image for JEE6 – CDI and Conversation Scope Recently, we attended Adam Bien’s presentation concerning Java EE 6 technology. Inspired by Adam Bien we decided to describe one of the CDI features: conversational context lifecycle. With an example we will show you the advantages.
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Java EE 6 leads to productivity with joy

by Rafał Borowiec May 17, 2011 Java
Thumbnail image for Java EE 6 leads to productivity with joy InfoShare 2011, the free IT and new media conference in Gdansk, is over. I was there for the first time, mostly because of the technological track, including Adam Bien’s “Java EE 6 And Best Practices With Nothing But Code – Live Hacking” and his workshop “Java EE 6 – Productivity With Joy!”. Bottom line conclusion: […]
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