It’s of the highest importance to present information in an understandable way. Users of applications shouldn’t waste their  valuable time figuring out the meaning of information. A great example is displaying date and time values to the user. Let’s assume you would like to show some operation took place just a couple of minutes ago, but you show: “2011-09-17 10:18″ to the user. When users read this kind of information most of them won’t immediately realize it was just a couple of minutes ago. We will have to present the above date string into something like: “couple of minutes ago” and the user will instantly understand it. Read the full article →

HOW-TO: Create Java Web Application with Eclipse WTP and m2eclipse

by RBorowiec June 15, 2010 Best practices
On daily basis we use Eclipse as a primary IDE for developing Java applications. We also are tightly coupled with Apache Maven as our main project management tool. A well known plugin that integrates Apache Maven into Eclipse is m2eclipse. One of its main features is the integration with Web Tools Project (WTP). In this short […]
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