Since the advent of Web 2.0, social interaction is king. Now, almost every single mobile app works in the environment of its users exchanging ideas through content authoring, comments, likes and shares. Even the simplest and most “personal” of them, like personal planners, address books and to-do lists, enable users to put their data in the cloud, share them with others and access them using a myriad of devices and interfaces. The bottom line is that every one of them needs a back-end and an API to talk to. Read the full article →

Mobile’s in the air — Mobile Trends Conference 2014

by DDekanski February 20, 2014 Books & Events
Mobile is the future. And, myself being hugely resistant to all the marketing buzz that comes and goes every few years, when I see people gazing at their smartphone screens on trains and buses, in cafés and restaurants, while no further than just 3 years back they were all holding their books and newspapers or […]
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Why „iPhone first” is a good mobile strategy

by DDekanski January 28, 2014 Android

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about the latest mobile market share statistics and how Apple is „losing ground” to Android as an OS and Samsung as a device manufacturer:

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Windows Phone bigger than iOS and BlackBerry by 2015

by Peter Horsten March 29, 2011 Market research
Thumbnail image for Windows Phone bigger than iOS and BlackBerry by 2015 Today IDC released their new mobile market forecasts. Neither the fact the smartphone market is supposed to grow in 2011 nor the forecast the Android market share will keep increasing are surprising.  But their 2015 forecast is rather unexpected. IDC expects by that time Windows Phone 7/Windows Mobile will have a market share of about […]
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The amazing history of the computer, the future is mobile

by Peter Horsten February 23, 2011 Best practices
Thumbnail image for The amazing history of the computer, the future is mobile In today’s computerised world it’s hard to imagine there were times without computers and phones. Honestly, I recently noticed it how difficult it was to explain my three sons that I neither used a computer, calculator nor a smartphone when I had their age. Yesterday, during a lecture, I admitted I almost wouldn’t know how […]
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Do you remember the days we didn’t have a mobile?

by Peter Horsten February 2, 2011 Market research
Today we are so used to our mobile (smart) phones. Could you live without it? Honestly, I think I couldn’t. Whenever and wherever we are we feel the need to communicate with each other. We want to update our friends and followers where we are and what we are doing. And in some years time this behavior will change dramatically […]
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