What do you think about the New Year? Is the future looking bright for you? If you are in outsourcing we believe it is. After concluding our 2010 outsourcing predictions proved to be quite ok, we already promised you to share our opinion for 2011. Based on the changes we’ve noticed over the past months we will try to predict what will happen in the upcoming months. Although, it’s based on real facts it still feels like looking into a crystal ball. Nobody can really predict the future. But, this time the crystal ball is clear: a major shift in IT outsourcing is ahead of us. Read the full article →

Reviewing the 2010 outsourcing trends

by Peter Horsten December 28, 2010 Management
About a year ago I shared my 2010 forecast for the 5 major outsourcing trends. Writing such a prediction is rather easy and in general nobody will remind you about it. But I think it’s important to review what happened before we raise the glass and light the fireworks, because from that moment we think [...]
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Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing list includes 3 Polish cities

by Dorota Jaguścik November 17, 2010 Best practices
The outsourcing market is shifting from offshore to nearshore outsourcing. That can be concluded bases on this year’s Top 100 Outsourcing Cities ranking. While Bangalore retained the first place for the fourth year, Mumbai moved up to the second place. Last week during a webinar Tholons presented the list, announcing Bangalore will be facing severe competition in [...]
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Poland a very attractive outsourcing destination

by Peter Horsten October 22, 2010 Outsourcing
The Consulate General of Poland in New York recently hosted an event to portray Poland as an attractive outsourcing Destination for BPO, ITO and KPO. The event was organized by the Trade and Investment Section of the Consulate. The event attracted many global companies like: JP Morgan Chase, Citi Group, Accenture, Berclays Capital, Chartis Insurance, [...]
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Poland among Top 10 outsourcing nations

by Peter Horsten October 22, 2009 Best practices
As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the IT outsourcing industry is slowly expanding despite the downturn. Outsourcers continuously seem to be aware of the advantages of outsourcing. But what location do you choose once you have decided to move your IT development to a service provider? And how important is the location, [...]
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IT offshoring providers need innovation-driven approach

by Peter Horsten October 14, 2009 Best practices
You need to provide a new managed-services model if you want to satisfy your customers. IT offshoring companies require innovative actions if they strive for maintaining the competitive edge. The long term price focused outsourcing contracts are definitely over.
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Cooperation between Indian and Western providers will increase

by Peter Horsten September 8, 2009 Outsourcing
Yesterday IT News published that the business process outsourcing market is set to undergo more consolidation among the mid-sized tier-two providers. But this is not applicable to the BPO market alone. About a year ago, at the Baltic Innovation Forum in Gdansk Indian and Eastern European IT providers already came to similar conclusions. No longer [...]
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4 outsourcing concerns and how to handle them

by Peter Horsten August 13, 2009 Best practices
Nothing in life is black or white. This is applicable to outsourcing as well. Next to the advantages I described before, you have to face concerns as well. But should these risks be considered as serious disadvantages, as blockers for outsourcing or as a warning? Can we do something to turn them into pros?
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10 reasons why you should consider IT outsourcing

by Peter Horsten August 7, 2009 Outsourcing
Outsourcing your IT development could be a hard decision. Very often during discussions with CxO’s, directors and business owners we conclude that despite the advantages they still don’t dare to do it. They are afraid of losing control. And this is something I fully understand. It’s like your kids growing up and then at once they [...]
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Why blame companies for offshoring?

by Peter Horsten August 6, 2009 Management
The economic crisis hit hard, rather unexpectedly and affected most the whole world. It’s logical that people start looking for who’s to blame. For sure things need to change. On the other hand, I get the feeling that people also over exaggerate. They become too short-sighted. In the past months in both the US and [...]
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