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Entrepreneurs always need money, on the other hand the availability of public funded money might kill the real entrepreneurship as well. Real entrepreneurship starts in “survival mode”, having just enough money to build your solution and not to starve. Anyhow, the European Union tries to stimulate clever investments. But the whole system to manage this is becoming rather inefficient. Have you heard of a Project “Intelligent development of Poland 2014-2020”? We’d rather call it, “Lets add layers and layers of regulations on top of old regulations in order to spend more money on the same inefficient things as in the past”. The questions is to what extend this will really support the entrepreneurs who could really use this money. Read the full article →

Poland Europe’s 5th e-commerce market and growing

by Peter Horsten June 13, 2011 Web commerce
Thumbnail image for Poland Europe’s 5th e-commerce market and growing About 20 years ago the Internet became available in Poland, however the first significant Internet portals appeared online just four years ago. Since then we have been observing the dynamic development of the Polish Internet market. The popularity of (mobile) Internet and especially social media is rapidly increasing. According to data presented by the Polish […]
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Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing list includes 3 Polish cities

by Dorota Jaguścik November 17, 2010 Best practices
The outsourcing market is shifting from offshore to nearshore outsourcing. That can be concluded bases on this year’s Top 100 Outsourcing Cities ranking. While Bangalore retained the first place for the fourth year, Mumbai moved up to the second place. Last week during a webinar Tholons presented the list, announcing Bangalore will be facing severe competition in […]
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Poland a very attractive outsourcing destination

by Peter Horsten October 22, 2010 Outsourcing
The Consulate General of Poland in New York recently hosted an event to portray Poland as an attractive outsourcing Destination for BPO, ITO and KPO. The event was organized by the Trade and Investment Section of the Consulate. The event attracted many global companies like: JP Morgan Chase, Citi Group, Accenture, Berclays Capital, Chartis Insurance, […]
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Poland among Top 10 outsourcing nations

by Peter Horsten October 22, 2009 Best practices
As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the IT outsourcing industry is slowly expanding despite the downturn. Outsourcers continuously seem to be aware of the advantages of outsourcing. But what location do you choose once you have decided to move your IT development to a service provider? And how important is the location, […]
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Poland among 5 safest outsourcing destinations

by Peter Horsten June 12, 2009 Outsourcing
This week’s post “The 10 Safest Places In The World For Outsourcing” by Bob Evans led to quite some discussion online. Or probably even more discussion was initiated by his last week’s post “The 10 Riskiest Locations In The World For Outsourcing”. The conclusion of both posts is that Poland is a safe have for […]
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