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Major causes of software project failure

Too many software projects are not (fully) successful. Depending on the research source used, you will find that 30 up to 70% of the IT projects fail to some extend. In most cases this is due to the (project) management approach. Clients want to know what they get for a fixed budget. But we all know it’s impossible to fully specify your needs. More flexibility is needed. Some years ago we decided to implement Scrum and today I shared our experience and lessons learned with the students at the Gdansk Technical University.  Read the full article →

We all have to register time, but why bother?

by Maciej Greń September 11, 2009 Management
Nice tool for hours registration in Redmine.
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How to improve client communication while reducing emails by 95%?

by Maciej Greń September 8, 2009 Agile software development
How to reduce amount of emails sent back an fort to your clients
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HOW TO: manage email notifications in Redmine

by Maciej Greń July 16, 2009 GOYELLOblog
Redmine is a very lean and powerful web application for project management. GOYELLO is using it for managing all different client projects. Recently we realized that the email notification mechanism could be improved to reduce the amount of spam sent to the team members. Read further to learn how we managed to do it, and […]
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How to make your clients Agile without teaching them?

by Maciej Greń July 3, 2009 Agile software development
How to make your clients Agile not teaching them? In reality, you get customer attention at the end of whole development process.
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Project management in the age of Web 2.0

by Peter Horsten June 5, 2009 Agile software development
They already managed ages ago! So why don’t we manage to realize something as simple as a web application? Ages ago people managed to fulfill miraculous projects with hardly any tools. Today we can choose from a wide range of tools, but still we do not manage to run a project according to the client’s […]
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