Should you consider a career switch? Lately during job fairs, we’ve met a lot of experienced developers, but also quite a large group of people aspiring to become one. No wonder, the IT industry is currently booming and attracts workers offering outstanding career opportunities. What’s more is that in the Western World the companies are in most cases facing the problem of lack of programmers. All in all, sounds good if you already are a programmer. What, if that’s not the case, can I consider a job-switch?  That’s a question we were asked several times during the Future3 job fairs, on 23rd of October. High time for an answer!

For those beginning their  journey with their professional life, we promise a follow-up article soon!

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7 reasons why software developers fail due to company’s mistakes

by Agnieszka Gibowska December 21, 2009 Best practices
It’s been estimated that almost 50% of newly hired employees fail in their jobs within the first 2 years and the first 3 months are the most crucial for their success. As I discussed in my previous post there are various reasons why newbies fail. Is it only dependent on their own behavior or attitude? […]
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8 techniques to recruit a good software developer (Part 2).

by Agnieszka Gibowska October 23, 2009 HRM
In my previous post I started discussing the interview techniques which definitely help stimulate an open dialogue with the candidates. I described the STAR methodology which is based on behavioral questions that involve describing real situations from the past. Secondly, I put high emphasis on forming the right open-ended questions that are not suggestive and […]
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8 techniques to recruit a good software developer (part 1)

by Agnieszka Gibowska October 19, 2009 HRM
In my previous post I presented the qualities of a perfect software developer that both fellow developers and managers would like to see in the team members. My survey revealed that being a good developer is more than delivering a perfect and well structured code. So while recruiting a developer we should focus not only […]
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A good software developer? A nerd or a beer lover?

by Agnieszka Gibowska September 11, 2009 Best practices
There is no escaping the fact that a good code is written by a good programmer. Obviously, we need good programmers if we want to satisfy clients’ needs. However, while recruiting a developer you cannot forget that a  good developer is more than a language syntax source. He should bring more than technical competencies alone. […]
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Personal Branding, Recruiters Beware!

by Agnieszka Gibowska July 27, 2009 GOYELLOblog
In my recruiter’s job, searching Google and  social networking websites (eg. in pursuit of the suitable candidate has become my second nature.  Also, before inviting anyone for the interview I do the thorough research across all the networks to find extra information that is not visible on the applicant’s resume. As I mentioned in my previous […]
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