This week we were unpleasantly surprised when we noticed the appearance of one of our clients in the Google search results had dramatically changed. Soon the surprise changed into curiosity. It appeared we missed some Google news. Google recently announced showing the site hierarchy within the search results for some sites which offer hierarchical breadcrumbs in their navigation. And it looks like this: Google search presents bread crumbs To be honest it is still not clear if this is really what users are looking for. I think most users in general just click the clickable title. Besides not every website user will like that Google lets the user browse away. Read the full article →

4 tips to improve your website based on eyetracking research

by Peter Horsten December 1, 2009 Best practices
Imagine you have an appointment. It’s a blind date. Can you remember such a moment? You arrive at the agreed time at the agreed place. You look for that folded news paper or red flower. Then you notice your date. What is the first thing you check? Be honest what do you do when he […]
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The nonsense of SEO and PageRank improvements

by Peter Horsten November 18, 2009 Internet marketing
We get many requests to increase website PageRanks and to make websites search engine friendly. In many cases I really don’t understand what people are bothering about. Why would a rather locally oriented company be willing to spend a fortune for a high PageRank on keywords that nobody is going to use? To be honest […]
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Google needs more than Caffeine to survive

by Peter Horsten August 14, 2009 Internet marketing
Google, the Internet revelation of the late 90’s with a real breakthrough in the year 2000. Apart from a revelation it was treated as a relief in the Internet world. Finally, a free service that generated good search results. Soon Google became the number one search engine, at least for Europe. But the Google success […]
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Eight Techniques for Successful Internet Marketing

by Tomek Jagodziński June 1, 2009 Internet marketing
Online marketing has had many trends over the years. Some techniques came and went quickly while others are still around. Online marketers are constantly trying to keep up with all the latest “secrets” for internet success. So what are the most successful techniques for internet marketing? Some of them are pretty obvious while others may […]
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6 Important Things You Must Know About SEO

by Tomek Jagodziński May 15, 2009 Internet marketing
With millions of websites online today it is important to make your site stand out from the crowd. Search Engine Optimization involves a series of strategic processes and methodologies used in website design and maintenance to increase traffic to a website. Below you will find a list of things related to SEO that every website […]
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