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Group of cheering fansIt sounds obvious to spend your social budget to please valuable fans, doesn’t it? So why aren’t we doing so? It looks like we are shooting in the blind, meanwhile complaining that the ROI of social media is poor. Fortunately, it’s possible to learn who your valuable fans are and what they appreciate. Once you are aware of that, the magic begins. During infoShare 2014 (22-23 May) in Gdansk we will discuss this topic by sharing our concerns and experiences with today’s social media practices. Read the full article →

Get ready for infoShare 2014 and grab an official infoShare mobile app made by Goyello

by DDekanski May 14, 2014 Android
Thumbnail image for Get ready for infoShare 2014 and grab an official infoShare mobile app made by Goyello IT specialists know that we have at least one thing in common with professional physicians — in order to stay up-to-date we need to constantly devour tons of books, articles and industry news. One year away from the latest IT developments may mean out of the business. But there’s nothing as valuable as live meetings with […]
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Social media and teamwork – it is possible!

by Dorota Jaguścik June 21, 2011 GOYELLOblog
Thumbnail image for Social media and teamwork – it is possible! “A groundswell is rising among your customers” and to understand this you have to listen to the conversations. All right! But that’s not so easy. Imagine someone tells you to listen to all discussions about shoes. Well, I guess that’s impossible – at least it seems when you have a first look at it. And […]
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What the hell is social media? [Video]

by Peter Horsten July 25, 2010 Internet marketing
When following us for a longer time you won’t be surprised we at Goyello love coffee, good code, geek tools and social media. Especially in Europe we are still facing an intensive debate about the (non-)sense of social media. Honestly, it feels similar to discussions we had just some years ago about the Internet and […]
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Social Media is like teen sex

by Agnieszka Gibowska July 21, 2010 Best practices
More and more companies understand the need to be present at social media but not many of them do social media properly and effectively. Why? Because in order to succeed in social media we can no longer treat it as yet another communication channel. It can’t be a random activity. It should be aligned with the overall […]
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NEW: HootSuite5 with HTML5, geo-search, themes, Google Analytics and native re-tweets

by Peter Horsten June 24, 2010 Facebook
Today my HootSuite client was offline for a while, which was a big surprise. In general Hootsuite is a very reliable service. Fortunately, I was informed this was due to a remarkable update. Some time late I noticed significant changes to the social media dashboard beginning with a completely refreshed HTML5 user interface, plus geo-located […]
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