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Social media buzzMore and more companies understand the need to be present at social media but not many of them do social media properly and effectively. Why? Because in order to succeed in social media we can no longer treat it as yet another communication channel. It can’t be a random activity. It should be aligned with the overall strategy. Many companies take up SM but have no idea what for and what they will do there. Then it’s like “teen sex” - Everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise it’s not better.” Read the full article →

NEW: HootSuite5 with HTML5, geo-search, themes, Google Analytics and native re-tweets

by Peter Horsten June 24, 2010 Facebook
Today my HootSuite client was offline for a while, which was a big surprise. In general Hootsuite is a very reliable service. Fortunately, I was informed this was due to a remarkable update. Some time late I noticed significant changes to the social media dashboard beginning with a completely refreshed HTML5 user interface, plus geo-located […]
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Is Facebook Open Graph worth this hype?

by Agnieszka Gibowska May 6, 2010 Facebook
Two weeks ago Facebook launched a new social plugin (“like” button) that works with the Open Graph protocol as part of the strategy to make the Web more social and personalized. The button spreads across the internet and it’s clear that websites’ owners quickly embraced the new social plugin. There is already a lot of controversy […]
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5 things you should add to your social media kit in 2010

by Peter Horsten December 30, 2009 Best practices
When you are working with social media you tend to forget that the adoption of social media is still rather low. I recently noticed this when I was requested to provide a presentation about online corporate branding. Still many people are hardly using the possibilities of social media. Meanwhile, it’s becoming obvious that you can […]
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Twitter Etiquette. Mind your manners!

by Agnieszka Gibowska December 16, 2009 Best practices
Apparently, the only constant thing in this world is change. Also social trends change along with the customs and we need to get used to completely different etiquette rules to survive in the jungle of social media. Like with any other form of communication people get to like us or we simply annoy them. When […]
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Should you believe Dell earned over $6.5 million through Twitter alone?

by Peter Horsten December 13, 2009 Best practices
Last week Dell announced they earned over $6.5 million through Twitter alone. This message gained a lot of (social) media attention. But I doubt the credits of the success should go to Twitter alone. Dell is putting a lot of effort in social media like their blog, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and multiple Twitter accounts. Their […]
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