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Social network logo´sWhen following us for a longer time you won’t be surprised we at Goyello love coffee, good code, geek tools and social media. Especially in Europe we are still facing an intensive debate about the (non-)sense of social media. Honestly, it feels similar to discussions we had just some years ago about the Internet and e-mail. For a long period of time companies tried to ban this from the workfloor. Without real success as we know today. Today social media seem to be the new victim. Companies try again to ban them from the workfloor. It seems we didn’t learn from the past. In this post I present three movies that show what’s going on. These movies are mainly based on US data, but they show a trend that is coming to Europe quickly, if it didn’t arrive yet.

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New link and news sharing makes LinkedIn more social

by Peter Horsten April 21, 2010 Internet marketing
When you open your LinkedIn page to update your status, you will notice a new feature. From today LinkedIn enabled easy sharing of news and links. A nice new feature which enables you to share what’s hot in your domain. It’s easy to share the news with your network. LinkedIn is step by step becoming […]
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Should you believe Dell earned over $6.5 million through Twitter alone?

by Peter Horsten December 13, 2009 Best practices
Last week Dell announced they earned over $6.5 million through Twitter alone. This message gained a lot of (social) media attention. But I doubt the credits of the success should go to Twitter alone. Dell is putting a lot of effort in social media like their blog, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and multiple Twitter accounts. Their […]
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Search your social network with Google social search

by Peter Horsten October 27, 2009 Google
Keeping a close eye on the people in your social network is all we want. Most of us also know how hard and time consuming this can be. Last week I showed that Gist is a powerful application to keep up to date with the people in your social network. Today Google released their new […]
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Today showed the sensitivity of our social network environment. Can we prevent it?

by Jakub Zalas August 6, 2009 Security
Today’s Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) on both Facebook and Twitter and possibly several more services show how dependent we are on today’s technology. Moreover, they proved that it is rather easy to attack very popular services. It’s no surprise that both services are not too happy about what happened and they seem to have decided […]
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Twitt, Twat, Twot – Pages Around Twitter: BingTweets and Twittorati

by Karol Sójko July 24, 2009 GOYELLOblog
The whole Twitter phenomenon is slowly fading away. It was obviously quite predictable that sooner or later it would happen but the part when people start to make something more out of it is the part where the fun begins. Nowadays, browsing the Internet you’ll have a difficulty  finding a page that is not “tweetable”. This […]
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