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Finding the right balance in software development

The fundamental goal of each software developer is to build and deliver the right software that satisfies their customers. A software developer that wants to succeed, must be a professional focusing on a positive outcome of the project. He needs to find the right balance between building the right software and building the software right.

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else” – Sam Walton Read the full article →

How to use Domain-Driven Design to better understand the business

by Łukasz Stępliński December 18, 2011 Agile software development
Thumbnail image for How to use Domain-Driven Design to better understand the business Domain-Driven Design is quite a new approach to model complex business applications. It helps all stakeholders involved in a software development project to find a common communication ground. It provides software developers with an approach to communicate in an understandable way with the business (domain) owners and vice versa. Reading a few articles and the [...]
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What is your worst case scenario?

by Peter Horsten June 7, 2011 Software development
Thumbnail image for What is your worst case scenario? In life it’s impossible to predict everything, although we try really hard. When developing software we also predict the future usage of the system. Mostly, we think in best case scenarios, we design the happy flow. But nothing might be more important than exception handling. Too often the exceptions are not well thought through, causing [...]
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Why do men care about horse power but not about code power?

by Peter Horsten January 8, 2010 Agile software development
Try to recall the last talk you had with some friends in the bar or colleagues over lunch? What was it about? In the case of a group of women I don’t know it. If related to cars I guess you mentioned the nice but, the great look & feel, the rounded shapes, beautiful striping, [...]
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The 10 most common mistakes made in software development

by Peter Horsten December 11, 2009 Best practices
You can often read about software development projects that failed. The presented figures vary from about 35% up to 75% of the total amount of projects. There is no need to argue these figures. Let’s better try to fight the causes. So, first we need to find the biggest traps in software development. [Picture credits: [...]
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Show what your client wants with an image

by Peter Horsten August 27, 2009 Agile software development
A picture is worth a thousand words and still we express ourselves mainly in words, just like this blog post. Although many people will support the statement, we just think it is harder to express our thoughts with pictures. People claim that they are not artists. Anyhow, I guarantee that explaining your client what you [...]
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Successful outsourcing needs client’s attention

by Peter Horsten June 8, 2009 Best practices
Computerworld UK published an article in April saying: “Outsourcing Not the Big Savings Firms Expect, Study Says”. Summarizing, the recession is pushing businesses to cut the cost of their software portfolios, but most companies overestimate the savings that offshoring can deliver, as presented by On the other hand I firmly believe it is possible to save [...]
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Successful outsourcing needs client’s trust

by Peter Horsten May 6, 2009 Best practices
Outsourcing (nearshoring and offshoring included) your IT services to an external provider is a hard decision. Unfortunately, the media pays a lot of attention towards the outsourcing projects that failed. In general the reason of the failure is hardly ever well investigated nor described. In my opinion a very important cause is the lack of [...]
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