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Dependency Injection – everybody’s doing it! It helps you write flexible, loosely coupled, reusable, testable and maintainable code. But fancy keywords aside, are you sure you know how to use it to reap all the benefits? Let’s have a look at a couple of tips on how you can use DI to help you write high quality code.

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How to find the right balance in between functionality and technology

by Rafał Borowiec December 20, 2011 Agile software development
Thumbnail image for How to find the right balance in between functionality and technology The fundamental goal of each software developer is to build and deliver the right software that satisfies their customers. A software developer that wants to succeed, must be a professional focusing on a positive outcome of the project. He needs to find the right balance between building the right software and building the software right. [...]
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Managing software projects interactively using scrum

by Peter Horsten November 30, 2011 Best practices
Thumbnail image for Managing software projects interactively using scrum Too many software projects are not (fully) successful. Depending on the research source used, you will find that 30 up to 70% of the IT projects fail to some extend. In most cases this is due to the (project) management approach. Clients want to know what they get for a fixed budget. But we all [...]
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Proudly reviewing 5 Goyello years

by Peter Horsten November 29, 2011 Management
Thumbnail image for Proudly reviewing 5 Goyello years November 29, 2006 we almost missed our plane to Gdansk. Because of the traffic jams and the very fact that Cologne/Bonn Airport appeared to be a bit further than we’ve thought, we arrived just in time to board the plane. Fortunately, my business partner Arie managed to convince the guy at the check-in desk that [...]
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Outsourcing 2011: A major shift is ahead of us

by Peter Horsten January 7, 2011 Management
What do you think about the New Year? Is the future looking bright for you? If you are in outsourcing we believe it is. After concluding our 2010 outsourcing predictions proved to be quite ok, we already promised you to share our opinion for 2011. Based on the changes we’ve noticed over the past months we will try [...]
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It is impossible to work between 9-5

by Agnieszka Gibowska March 18, 2010 Best practices
Have you ever wondered how many hours do you actually work at the office? Excluding lunch breaks and other breaks obviously. Have you ever calculated your productivity level during the day? How many hours are you able to work uninterrupted? If at all possible.
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Software development is art and artists are hard to handle

by Peter Horsten January 28, 2010 Agile software development
Yesterday I was talking to a researcher of the Amsterdam University. As Goyello we take part in the Symbiosis program and from time to time they measure the progress of all the participants. During the interview we concluded that in many outsourcing projects in general the demand management is the weakest part and the main [...]
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Why do men care about horse power but not about code power?

by Peter Horsten January 8, 2010 Agile software development
Try to recall the last talk you had with some friends in the bar or colleagues over lunch? What was it about? In the case of a group of women I don’t know it. If related to cars I guess you mentioned the nice but, the great look & feel, the rounded shapes, beautiful striping, [...]
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Software is art, code is poetry

by Peter Horsten December 18, 2009 Agile software development
Just imagine yourself being the world famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Somebody hired you to prepare a nice painting of his company. Once you show him your almost finished painting, he requests you to remove a person and to move another one. And of course in his opinion this isn’t a big job. Are you [...]
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The 10 most common mistakes made in software development

by Peter Horsten December 11, 2009 Best practices
You can often read about software development projects that failed. The presented figures vary from about 35% up to 75% of the total amount of projects. There is no need to argue these figures. Let’s better try to fight the causes. So, first we need to find the biggest traps in software development. [Picture credits: [...]
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