Symfony 2 Revealed

by Jakub Zalas on 22nd February 2010

During the first international Symfony Live conference Fabien Potencier introduced Symfony 2. It’s a next generation framework which will change PHP world forever. I already wrote about the highlights of the conference and revealing the Symfony 2 was the most awaited. It’s only a preview release and first stable version is expected at the end of 2010. Even so the framework already looks very impressive. Read on to get an overview of all its new and cool features. Symfony finally gets its capital ‘S’! Read the full article →

Symfony Live 2010 Highlights

by Jakub Zalas February 20, 2010 Books & Events
I’ve just returned from the first international Symfony Live conference in Paris. There are currently a lot of great things happening in the symfony (and Symfony ) world which I’d like to share. Here are the highlights of what has happened in the symfony world and what we can expect in the near future.
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Getting More From The Lime Testing Framework

by Jakub Zalas February 9, 2010 PHP/Symfony
Lime is a testing tool bundled with symfony. It can be, however, used separately with any PHP application. It is a great alternative for famous PHPUnit. Its advantage is simplicity. Since writing tests with lime is dead easy it’s a perfect choice for unit testing newbies.
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NetBeans 6.7 and PHP/Symfony – a perfect couple

by Karol Sójko June 26, 2009 Best practices
Do you know the feeling when you look at your screen waiting for the project to build its workspace for hours or when you have to search the whole project in order to find a simple function ? If you do I recommend trying NetBeans as your primary IDE.
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PHP Standards Initiative

by Jakub Zalas June 19, 2009 Best practices
During this year’s php|tek conference in Chicago a spontaneous meeting about PHP standards took place. It was organized by a group of people usually working on a couple of important PHP projects like Zend Framework, PEAR, Solar, Agavi, CakePHP, symfony and phing. Unfortunately,  I wasn’t there but the note about the initiative I have found […]
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One more look at the first 4developers conference

by Jakub Zalas March 8, 2009 Best practices
4developers conference aims to become the biggest conference for developers in Poland. That’s why four independent paths where available to choose from: Java, IT Project Management, .NET & C# and last but not least – Dedicated Languages. As I’m a PHP Development Manager at GOYELLO, and I was mainly interested in IT Project Management and […]
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