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Does Google need Caffeine?Google, the Internet revelation of the late 90’s with a real breakthrough in the year 2000. Apart from a revelation it was treated as a relief in the Internet world. Finally, a free service that generated good search results. Soon Google became the number one search engine, at least for Europe. But the Google success story is changing. More and more people start complaining about the strange way of indexing and recently the amount of irrelevant search results seems to increase. Other search engines like Windows’ Bing feel that there is space for competition. For Google it’s time to react. And they plan they promise to react with a dramatic new search and indexing platform. The project is called Caffeine! But why does Google need Caffeine? Is it not going to manage without? Read the full article →

Grails – incredible? Be surprised!

by RBorowiec August 14, 2009 Groovy
After a short look the answer is yes. But after a little deeper digging into Groovy and Grails, I must admit that I’m simply surprised! Not only by its simplicity but also because of its decent features and the fact that Grails combines all the best from both Ruby on Rails and Java. If you […]
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Twitt, Twat, Twot – Pages Around Twitter: BingTweets and Twittorati

by Karol Sójko July 24, 2009 GOYELLOblog
The whole Twitter phenomenon is slowly fading away. It was obviously quite predictable that sooner or later it would happen but the part when people start to make something more out of it is the part where the fun begins. Nowadays, browsing the Internet you’ll have a difficulty  finding a page that is not “tweetable”. This […]
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Web 2.0 is the millionth word in the English language

by Agnieszka Gibowska July 14, 2009 GOYELLOblog
The English language passed a million threshold in June 2009! The Global Language Monitor, declared “Web 2.0” as the millionth word in the English language although some linguists consider it as complete nonsense. The monitoring group, that used a special math algorithm for tracking the frequency of words in print and electronic media, announced that Web […]
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Goodreads – a new social network comes to town

by Karol Sójko July 6, 2009 Books & Events
For all you social networks fans there’s a new sensation coming to the party. It’s name is Goodreads – the perfect place for people who enjoy reading. The main reason why I got intrigued by it was that I like to keep track of what I am reading, have read, and most importantly, would like to read. Goodreads […]
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The intelligent web with Wolfram Alpha, Bing and Hunch

by Karol Sójko June 19, 2009 GOYELLOblog
As most of you could observe, there is a new stream in which the internet is going lately. The so-called “intelligent web” or “decision helping” web. Does it appear to you as an attempt to make the internet users thoughtless and opinionless or is this a trend that, in the long run, will make our time […]
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