Short Office Tour

12/12/2017/by Goyello Team

Why the sky is not the limit

11/12/2017/by Goyello Team

3 worthwhile gamification ideas for successful team building

Way before I have even heard of gamification I was working in a very formal office on some very serious…
07/12/2017/by patryk.borowa

JUnit 5 and Rest Assured using Extension API

JUnit 5 brings a lot of new, interesting features into Java developer toolbox. From my perspective, one…
06/12/2017/by Maciej Koziara

My New, Patient Friend

04/12/2017/by Goyello Team

Co-creating Our Dream Place

28/11/2017/by Goyello Team

Office with a Soul

22/11/2017/by Goyello Team

12 tips on how to make a distributed team work smoothly

Distributed development teams are a significant part of the IT industry. They come in many shapes and…
21/11/2017/by Michał Warkocz

Feeding the development pipeline right is KING!

John, a product manager of a large corporate, proudly shows his management what results their 200 software…
17/10/2017/by Peter Horsten

7 DOs and DON’Ts of Sprint Retrospective

There are quite a few issues that many Scrum Teams struggle with while doing Sprint Retrospective. In…
11/08/2017/by Michał Warkocz

The Decalogue for Good Testing – What you have to learn to become a tester. Part 3 

Every single line of code, every application, game or service designed to be used by the audience should…
13/07/2017/by Dorota Bohdanowicz

10 Myths of Scrum Planning Debunked

As a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, every day I deal with issues that result from lack of understanding…
05/07/2017/by Michał Warkocz
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