4 Developers – presentations overview part III

Monika Rosińska “Trudna sztuka motywowania pracowników IT” – “Tough art of motivating IT employees” On this special presentation Monika Rosinska outlined how it is when there are conflicts and dissatisfied employees in the Company. To her opinion and I also agree with that, it is almost impossible to motivate the person without his internal ‘green light’ of doing this. Therefore motivating is more a way of understanding, what blocks certain person from being the most creative and productive. In general it is a matter of fulfilling the needs. If specific person has many basic needs that are not eased, then he is more and more unhappy. Since that moment the person stops giving and starts only taking. So the way how to motivate the person is more focusing on removing the blocker of fulfilling the needs. Some companies try to motivate their employees by money. This way of motivating to Monika opinion is short term, and will not result in any long term commitment. Much better is making certain employees a share holders etc. Then the commitment increases because the people feel more involved. One general way of finding the blockers inside the person is to make some kind of simulation game where person can behave in safe environment in the way that will clearly outline his issues. Once again I have learned the lesson that it is all about people. Raymond Lewallen “Understanding Distributed Messaging Systems and where they Fit” Firstly, Raymond Lewallen has introduced the basics of Distributed Messaging Systems. He used his time well (1 hour) to present the basics. Unfortunately this was not sufficient to really dig deeper. Eventually I was very satisfied because finally I could talk and hear about the most complex solutions where “we do not want to make our client wait instead of buying” – this sentence was used few times by Raymond Lewallen. It might not be a common matter to think big, but even such simple e-shop has to be well thought trough. F.e. after adding a product to the shopping cart the total amount of available products should decrease. Such a simple and logical example proved that Distributed Messaging Systems enables decreasing coupling between the systems and improve the scalability of their entire architecture dramatically. Next to F# this is a topic that I want to dig into just after passing my Microsoft 70-547 Exam. The Summary of 4 Developers conference My general mark is “quite good”. The good things were that the organization and the knowledge level of the speakers were on a high level. I really learned a lot and I am once again very eager to get on F#, DMS etc. The audience was quite passive, but this could be due to the weather. Now I need to focus on near time aims like passing the Microsoft Exam (which I could be not so easy due to the too little time :)) and then, on deeply researching the Distributed Messages System because I feel that I will need it very soon.

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