How can we help for FREE?

Just like every company now and then we have some slack between projects. In general we use this time for acquiring new knowledge and product development for our own purposes. Recently, it popped into our minds, that we can also use this available time in a “more social” way. And that’s why we are gathering some ideas now. Do you need some help for free? Or do you know somebody who could use some help?
Image credits: We are looking for nice ideas for rather simple and quick solutions that will contribute to increased productivity or life improvement for the users. It’s our aim to offer these tools for free and depending on the kind o the tool we are planning to release it as open source. We have several ideas for nice tools ourselves, but we are eager to know whether we might be able to help somebody else. Suitable ideas should help groups of people who can use some help. Do you have any ideas? Do you know somebody who could use some help for free? Share it with us by adding a comment below. Of course we will keep you posted about the results.

Entrepreneur, co-founder & Managing Director of Goyello and Webmerce. Sociologist and electrotechnical engineer, a great combination that stimulates him to look for working solutions. Passionate about converting great ideas into new solutions. He is married and a proud father of 3 great sons. Participating in (and training for) triathlons to stay fit.