Poland among 5 safest outsourcing destinations

This week’s post “The 10 Safest Places In The World For Outsourcing” by Bob Evans led to quite some discussion online. Or probably even more discussion was initiated by his last week’s post “The 10 Riskiest Locations In The World For Outsourcing”. The conclusion of both posts is that Poland is a safe have for outsourcing.

Top 10 riskiest locations

Here are the top 10 riskiest locations as ranked by Brown & Wilson, authors of the annual “Black Book of Outsourcing”:
1. Bogota, Colombia
2. Bangkok, Thailand
3. Johannesburg, South Africa
4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5. Kingston, Jamaica
6. Delhi/Noida/Gurgaon (NCR), India
7. Manila, Philippines
8. Rio do Janeiro, Brazil
9. Mumbai, India
10. Jerusalem, Israel

Poland among 10 safest outsourcing destinations

The top 10 safest outsourcing destinations ranked by Brown & Wilson, authors of the annual “Black Book of Outsourcing”“:
1. Singapore
2. Dublin, Ireland
3. Santiago, Chile
4. Krakow/Warsaw, Poland
5. Toronto/Montreal, Canada
6. Prague/Brno, Czech Republic
7. Budapest, Hungary
8. Monterrey, Mexico
9. Beijing, China
10. Cairo, Egypt The Old Town of Gdansk, Poland

Better draw your own conclusions

As a Poland based Software service provider we should not mind the above mentioned result. It is great to be seen as one of the safest destinations for outsourcing. To be honest I really think Poland is a good destination for a lot of companies. For more information please read my previous post: “Poland still among the top offshore locations”. On the other hand I am rather shocked by the list of so-called risky locations. Based on recent research by AT Kearney, I do not understand the risky list. As always this most probable has to do with “definitions”. Also our own experiences and several comments you can read online show that at least the list with risky places is rather doubtful. In general I would advise to use these lists to make up your own mind. It all boils down to one obvious conclusion- a destination has to fit your company’s needs and this entails a complex evaluation process. It is highly probable that you will take into account different indicators that will be more relevant in the case of your company. Our consulting and outsourcing experience have shown us these differences already many times. Feel free to contact us in case you don’t feel like investigating this all by yourself. We would love to share our experience with you. The initial talk is free of charge and we do not bite. Nothing too lose, I would say. Feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment below or raise a discussion on our Twitter account @GOYELLO. On our website you will find more information about our services.

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  • The list do not necessarily speak the truth. A personal research reveal some good news for some included in the riskiest

  • Thanks for your reply. I agree that such rankings are based on a
    limited amount of benchmarks, presumptions and data. Could you share
    your thoughts?

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  • I know this article was published a few years back, but I somehow feel it is still relevant. Great insight! Would love to have an update on the situation, 3 years later.