PHP Standards Initiative

During this year’s php|tek conference in Chicago a spontaneous meeting about PHP standards took place. It was organized by a group of people usually working on a couple of important PHP projects like Zend Framework, PEAR, Solar, Agavi, CakePHP, symfony and phing. Unfortunately,  I wasn’t there but the note about the initiative I have found on Left On The Web blog made me really happy. PHP Standards Initiative started as a conference discussion and we can already see its first results. During the meeting attendees agreed upon common convention in using namespaces, exceptions and giving class names. Further discussion will continue on moderated php.net mailing list. It already gave rise to some unpleasant comments. Some of the community people are outraged because of  the list restrictions. I can understand that, however, the moderation can only improve the process of establishing the standards. Seperate talks can be made in smaller groups within the projects. Results can be sent to mailing list and than discussed by representatives. In this way standards can be worked out faster. Opening the list for everyone could only block decissions because of too many messages (needles or not). Agreements about common standards and best practices make cooperation of libraries coming from various vendors easier. The code is also more readable and easier to use. That’s why I think it’s not a matter of following some specific convention but following any commonly agreed convention. Usually programmers try to introduce and comply with similar standards within their team or company. But achieving the same for major part of PHP community is a bigger challenge. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope that PHP Standards Initiative will succeed. In the end everyone in the PHP community should benefit from their work.

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