Firefox 3.5 – Advance The Web

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

Finally Firefox 3.5 is out! What could we expect from this new release? After a few weeks of intensive advertising I expect to see some fireworks. Hopefully, it won’t fall short of my expectations.

The Privacy In Your Browser

One of the cool new features is private browsing. What it does, it basically gives you a private session of your (favorite) browser. This functionality is quite important because it allows you to leave no traces or history behind so now feel free to use your friends’ computers to browse the internet with the comfortable feeling of safety and privacy.


The new realease features also some brand new functionality in the tab area. For example the “tearing” of the tabs. From now on, when you want to create a new window from a tab just grab and let it rip right out of the tab bar. It comes in handy especially when you’re working with a lot of pages opened.


Probably the most important thing in this release, speed. Tests revealed that Firefox 3.5 beats Opera, IE and previous releases of Firefox in terms of the speed. The main question will be whether it is going to beat Google Chrome, the fastest web browser today.


This release comes with a lot of improvements and hopefuly once again it will turn out to be the #1 in the field of web browsers. So what’s harder, better, faster now ? Just to name a few: the well known Awesome Bar, the important Session Restore, the Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware functionality and many many more.

The new objects

Firefox 3.5 introduces the new cutting-edge features to the web. It supports Next-Generation Graphics. Loads the images making them sharper, more juicy and corrects the colors of images. Another thing worth mentioning is Location-aware browsing. Now pages can interact with you based on the area you’re located in. The new release is equipped with the support for open video an audio format allowing instant and limitless rich site content generation with all the multimedia. There’s even a whole list of supported technologies which are just anxious to go and shine in the web.


Of course it is too early to predict since Firefox 3.5 needs some intensive testing made by developers and users. However, judging by the buzz it made worldwide, undoubtedly it aims to be the best web browser ever! Feel free to download the newest Firefox 3.5 and share your experience with us. Have fun advancing the web!

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