Goodreads – a new social network comes to town

For all you social networks fans there’s a new sensation coming to the party. It’s name is Goodreads – the perfect place for people who enjoy reading. The main reason why I got intrigued by it was that I like to keep track of what I am reading, have read, and most importantly, would like to read. Goodreads gives you all that and much more. 1 Goodreads probably has every book you would look after and, if they don’t, you can add one on your own. Additionally, when that book is on adding it to Goodreads is just as simple as giving the ISBN of it.


The idea of shelves is very handy when you like to group books. You can use the 3 basic shelves “read”, “to-read”, “currently-reading” but if you’re a freek you can create your own shelves for example “own”, “will-trade” etc. Goodreads allows you to update your current status of reading a book. For example I’ve read 20 pages of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” today, then I go to Goodreads and update on “Children of Dune”, which is on my bookshelf, that I’m on page 240. An easy way to monitor your reading process.



What would a social network be without friends. At Goodreads you can invite your friends via email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL) or through other social networks (Facebook, Plaxo). You can see what your friends are reading at the moment, what they would like to read and whether they have something you would like to read. So don’t hesitate, register today, invite your friends and have fun with each other.

What to read ?

If you don’t have a clue on what to read you can always use the popular lists that Goodreads weekly prepares. For example: “2009 Summer Reading List”, “Best Books Ever”, “Fantasy Masterworks” and many many more to discover. So if you don’t know which book to grab at your local library or bookstore this is the first place to go. If you like to read online there are a lot of e-books in pdf format available as well.


Three times the fun

Exploring Goodreads is pure fun. You just click through the books and add them to your desired shelves. You can browse the authors as well, become a fan of one, add your favorite quote’s of that author to your profile and answer some trivial questions about books you read. The fun gets better when you go to the reviews or discussion topics where everybody talks in short forms what they like and dislike about a certain book.


What would a social network be without widgets today? Goodreads offers plenty of them. You can show on your website what you’re currently reading in a glossy and nice tailored widget. To name a few more you can also get an email footer widget inviting people to check out your books or adding your favorite quote as well. For example:

Karol's  book recommendations, reviews, favorite quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists

or Favourite Quotes:

Karol’s favorite quotes

“Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible.”— Frank Herbert

Other social networks

I’ve been testing Goodreads with both Facebook and Twitter and I must admit it looks really nice. You add your books and inform your friends on Facebook what you would like to read or have read. In my opinion this makes Goodreads a good addition to social networking.

Needles to say …

If you like what you’ve seen so far I strongly recommend trying Goodreads yourself. Lots of fun guaranteed. If you want to check out my Goodreads profile you can go here and feel free to leave a comment below or exchange your ideas through Twitter @GOYELLO.

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