Twitt, Twat, Twot – Pages Around Twitter: BingTweets and Twittorati

The whole Twitter phenomenon is slowly fading away. It was obviously quite predictable that sooner or later it would happen but the part when people start to make something more out of it is the part where the fun begins. Nowadays, browsing the Internet you’ll have a difficulty  finding a page that is not “tweetable”. This makes all the interesting stuff spread faster but I think that people pay less and less attention to the Twitter links they follow. It often boils down to just reading the headers, but there are some solutions which will help you follow the subjects that you’re especially keen on and relax while doing it.



Microsoft’s newest child held under the wings of their recently introduced decision engine (you can read about it in my previous post) is called BingTweets. It may seem very useful when you’re highly addicted to Twitter and lurking to gain some new precious followers. Another way of  promoting yourself on Twitter is simply relying on the hot topics recommended by this site. Of course this cannot be done not a daily basis (unless you’re a real tweet addict), but it looks promising. Tell us what you think about this self-promotion.



Now this one seems more reasonable to look at. What Twittorati gives you is a subjective list (hey, at least they’re fully open about it – see: Bing hints for Linux) of the most respective Tweeter users and most influential ones as well. Although there is a lot of interesting stuff going on there you should arm yourself with lots of free time if you want to chase something that will bring you to your knees.

And for the dessert …


These ones are more eye pleasing candies than great social networks analysing tools, but also they are fun to use. Both of them come from Quodis Labs. Since the idea of monitoring a specified subject tweets is not as fresh as I’ve shown you, these guys managed to bring the fun part in it. Just have a look at Tori’s Eye and enjoy as the Twitter birds deliver all the streaming data to you.


And if you’re one of the few who like marking tweets as favourite you can use the Favebytes application which lets you save your friends favourite tweets and monitor what’s hot in your friends’ opinion. This would be a great tool if the mentioned functionality of Twitter was used intensively but most of Twitter users don’t bother to remember any tweets after a while and don’t tend to add them to favourites either.

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