Twitter and Facebook facing extensive downtime today

Twitter was down for several hours today. At first, the reason was unknown. Later Twitter communicated they were facing an ongoing denial-of service attack. Switching to Facebook did not help. Facebook is facing serious issues as well. The cause of Facebook’s downtime is still unknown. Could this be prevented?

Twitter denial of service

Probably the answer is no. Because of the recent increase in both Facebook’s and Twitter’s popularity it was predictable that sooner or later they would become a potential target for a DDoS attack. It is very hard, to protect yourself against it. In an automated way an overwhelming number of  fake request can be sent to a server. For the server it is hardly possible to distinguish between the right and the fake ones. Today’s downtime shows that the success of social media demand a different approach towards the development of such applications. In the past Twitter was facing more performance issues due to (after all) wrong technology and architectural choices. We will have to join efforts to design our social network applications with potential high load in mind. Besides we will have to focus on an infrastructure that prevents such attacks.

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