Why blame companies for offshoring?

The economic crisis hit hard, rather unexpectedly and affected most the whole world. It’s logical that people start looking for who’s to blame. For sure things need to change. On the other hand, I get the feeling that people also over exaggerate. They become too short-sighted. In the past months in both the US and Canada one can notice all kind of campaigns and social network claims that have been sent to prevent jobs being transferred offshore. During the past fat years, when their economy was profiting from offshoring, nobody was complaining. Can you just turn back time?

Offshoring did not cause the economic crisis

We shouldn’t forget that the economic downturn has not been caused due to offshoring. People’s greed and not as solid economic system as we thought we had, are one of  the main driving forces behind the crisis. Anyhow, I will not try to dig into this subject any further, others already did. However, one thing is certain- offshoring didn’t cause the crisis. For a long time many companies have taken advantage of the low cost labor resources offshore. In fact, many companies still are. But who’s to blame? Can you blame a company owner that he looks for the best possible resources to realize his goals? Can you blame them that they go overseas if this is where they can find similar or better resources for a more competitive rate? It has been pretty hard to acquire top specialists from the local market and the wages kept rising. That probably was one of the less solid parts of our economic system. People always want to earn more …… But shouldn’t you add more value first?

Offshoring- a solution to stay

I fully understand  people’s anger  when they are made redundant. Especially, when you see your work being moved overseas. For an  individual, this a real nightmare. But why should this lead to all kinds of market protection? Why should Obama make US jobs stay inside the country? Isn’t this up to the workers themselves? Shouldn’t they make themselves more attractive?  This discussion already started a long time ago, see e.g. this post “Can Obama reverse job offshoring?” and as you can see in the movie above it is still going on. Obama announced tax regulations some time ago, but it looks like these won’t influence offshoring too much. Honestly, I hope that Obama and others will not listen. Businesses shouldn’t be limited their choice regarding the job location. Once the economy starts growing again additional offshore resources will be needed to get the job done. We should not only profit from it when it is convenient to us. That is too short sighted! Please share your opinion with us. You can do this by leaving a comment below or discuss with us on Twitter: @GOYELLO

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