SpringSource Tool Suite 2.1.0 released!

From yesterday we can enjoy the newest version of a great Java Enterprise development tool. And as Rod Johnson promised in April – it’s fully free. In this release – actually first one with decent enhancements since STS was made free – we can find really nice stuff. It supports Spring 3.0, offers inbuilt wizards for Spring projects, beans and XML files, graphical configuration editor, Spring Roo project wizard and dev shell for Rapid Application Development, Spring Web Flow and Spring Batch visual development tools.

Flexible Deployment

sprin_logoSTS 2.1.0 comes with different installers for SpringSource Tomcat, Apache and dm (OSGi) servers and even for different Eclipse distributions: Eclipse 3.4 and Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo). It also supports virtualized environments like Amazon EC2 or VMware Lab Manager. STS Dev Team is already working on the next release, which hopefully will bring us full Spring 3.0 support for RESTful application development, authors are also going to support Grails development, since there is a lot of interest in the Grails/Groovy technology. Right now SpringSource Tool Suite is available with bundled Groovy Eclipse plugin.

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