Google needs more than Caffeine to survive

Does Google need Caffeine?Google, the Internet revelation of the late 90’s with a real breakthrough in the year 2000. Apart from a revelation it was treated as a relief in the Internet world. Finally, a free service that generated good search results. Soon Google became the number one search engine, at least for Europe. But the Google success story is changing. More and more people start complaining about the strange way of indexing and recently the amount of irrelevant search results seems to increase. Other search engines like Windows’ Bing feel that there is space for competition. For Google it’s time to react. And they plan they promise to react with a dramatic new search and indexing platform. The project is called Caffeine! But why does Google need Caffeine? Is it not going to manage without? This week Google announced a new milestone in their existence, Google Caffeine, the completely redesigned search and indexing platform. It has already been compared to the ‘BigDaddy’ update in 2005. Below you can watch an interview with Matt Cutts explaining some details about this update, or actually, the new version of Google. We will explain the major changes in more detail as well.


Websites are to be indexed and available in search results faster than before. The new Google search bot is to be about twice as fast as the old one. Caffeine should more quickly catch any breaking news, because there is more pressure on social networking entries. It is said that Twitter can deliver breaking news faster than other media, thus I’m not surprised with more Google pressure on that matter.

More accurate

People claim that the relevance of Google’s search results is decreasing. Probably this is partly due to all kind of SEO optimization tricks by so called experts. The Caffeine version of Google should improve the search results. Unfortunately, we couldn’t prove this to be true after some quick testing of the Caffeine version. Hopefully, Google will investigate some additional time to realize this, because this is the area where Bing is competing as can be read on their website:
“We included features that deliver the best results, presented in a more organized way to simplify key tasks and help you make important decisions faster.”

Do we have to be concerned?

Google announcements about a search engine update are always food for speculations among  SEO experts. That´s not without reason. Many companies are depending heavily on their Internet business. In the past, changes by Google made their website drop dramatically in the page rankings, meaning dramatic business loss.  Based on some test with the currently available Caffeine version we conclude that we do not have to be too afraid, but undoubtedly for some sites Google’s results can make a huge difference. Here you can see examples of differences in the search results:

Compared Google search results (click to enlarge)

Maybe the changes don´t look dramatic, but they are still considerable. Especially blogs and social network pages like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter seem to rank higher. Therefore, any company who is not active in the social network area should consider this as a part of their online marketing strategy.

What’s going to happen with duplicated content?

Duplicated content, meaning copying of content among different websites, has a hot issue for a long time. Some experts claimed that Google was punishing sites who were doing this. Recently they thought Google didn’t care too much about it anymore. If the rumors are true when two sites are having the same content, the site with the most recent update/article should be higher ranked in the search results. That’s quite dodgy, don’t you think?

Test the new Google search engine yourself to be prepared

Check the difference for your own websites and blogs by testing the Caffeine version yourself. Because Google gave access to the current development version Google seems to feel rather confident. Anyhow, the results of the current release are no guarantee for the official release. Google can still change things in their indexing mechanism.

More Caffeine needed for a search engine revolution

With Caffeine Google seems to focus more and more on real time search and probably they prepare for more semantic search as well. The good news is that your pages will be found quicker than before. If the relevance already increases is hard to say. First tests don’t prove this. To be honest a lot more Caffeine seems to be needed to feel the difference. Please share your opinion about the new Google search engine with us. We are curious about your concerns, remarks, ideas, etc. You can meet us on Twitter as well: @GOYELLO.

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