Be aware, Google Wave is coming!

Google Wave LogoWhen, in  May 2009,  Google presented their latest invention Google Wave,  some circles of tech experts received that news quite coldly and without significant interest. Today, a few weeks before Google Wave finally hits  the web there’s a lot of hype around the idea. Despite a huge number of skeptics, expectations are growing especially among social  media enthusiasts. They cross their fingers to get one of 100,000  invitations which Google will send to lucky users, who will have the chance to check Google Wave out. What is Google Wave going to offer us?

What’s new on Google Wave

Google Wave is the biggest real-time communication platform, it combines and integrates social networking, chat, email, instant messaging and even browsing. It brings a dozen of tools useful for among others project  management. It seems to become another stage of Web engagement. To understand why Google Wave is going to be such a huge breakthrough you have to be aware of what features are hidden within it.
  1. One among many unique innovations it offers, is that you will be easily able to share all the content with friends or business  partners and embed it into other websites.
  2. The possibility of editing messages just like on a Wiki website and you won’t have to worry about mistakes in spelling, Google Wave will correct them by itself.
  3. There will be the ability to add multiple extensions, bots or plugins, thanks to entirely open source code, by which Google leaves its platform to be developed and adjusted to users’ needs. In spite of the fact that some of these applications have been used before e.g. on Facebook or Twitter, now we have one comprehensive tool making them available at one click.
The video below shows how developers can make use of Google Wave’s power to integrate it with their applications.

The beginning of e-mail’s end?

There are voices that Google Wave poses a real threat for email providers as it seems to be an improved version of a simple digital mail. It enables exchanging documents without having to attach them which has always been a difficulty, thanks to a whole new Drag & Drop tool. Also, unlike conventional email Google Wave allows multi-side conversations in real time.

Volatile future

Although, it’s hard to judge before we get our hands on it, we can suppose Google Wave will gain numbers of new users, at least these ones who are going to try it out of curiosity. The question is, how many of them will be loyal enough to use Google’s platform for a long time. There’s one thing  we can be sure of right now – all this buzz around the ‘G Wave’ doesn’t seem to pass under the radars of marketers, who keep their eyes opened and work on opportunities to take over Google Wave’s  potential. We’ll be able to tell more about this application in a couple of weeks. Soon we will post more detailed examples of the possibilities here on GOYELLOblog. We are curious what you think about Google Wave, please share your thoughts below or discuss with us on Twitter: @GOYELLO.

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