Does TweetDeck v0.30 really bring your friends closer?

Tweetdeck v0.30Today TweetDeck has released v0.30 of their very successful Twitter desktop client. They claim that this release brings your friends even closer than before. From today you can fully manage your Facebook wall and pages and MySpace integration is available as well. But does this bring your friends closer? Let’s give it a try!

Improved Facebook integration makes it full swing

TweetDeck currently is the most popular client to handle the Twitter message stream. But it looks like TweetDeck wants more than just being the most popular Twitter stream handler. It seems they would like to be every bodies favorite social network handler. Seesmic already offers Facebook integration for a longer time. In March TweetDeck added already syncing functionality which enabled you to follow your Facebook feed, but nothing more. With the new release this approach has changed. Besides MySpace updates have been added. Because I am not such an intensive MySpace user, I will not dig into that part of the new functionality.

What does the improved integration offer?

As mentioned before you could only post status updates and read your friend’s feed in the Facebook column. The biggest change is that from this version you can drag and drop photos and videos, add inline comments and likes. The new functionality enables you to divide your Facebook friends into different categories: close friends, colleagues, former colleagues.

Following your Friend’s Feed

TweetDeck-v0.30-Facebook-commentingYour Facebook Friend’s feed appears as a separate column in TweetDeck. Nothing new till now you could say. The nice new feature is that you are able to comment on them from TweetDeck now. Besides you will also notice whether someone commented on your or your friend’s updates and you are able to reply instantly. Of course indicating that you like an update is as simple as well. Just click the thumb up. The main drawback of this new feature might be the usability. For many users these new icons/indicators might be too small, even hard to notice. The image at the right shows what I mean.

TweetDeck-v0.30-Facebook-groupingHow to get really closer to your friends?

For me the integration as described above already enables me to follow my Facebook friends better, so I could say it brings me closer. Fortunately on Facebook I mainly have people I like to follow, but of course there are always people who you would like to give more attention. TweetDeck already let you group the Twitter friends you would like to follow closely and this functionality is now available for Facebook as well. By adding a new column with Facebook feeds you can decide which friends you would like to add to the group, as easy as that. I think that this is one of the new features that I am really going to like.

And that’s not all, there’s more

In this post I mainly checked out the new claim of TweetDeck that it will bring your friends closer. Other great new things are the fact that you can easily drag and drop links and photo’s to the message box. And the newly added “directory” probably will enable you to easily find new friends with common interest. For sure this directory has potential.

TweetDeck makes me postpone my choice

As I wrote in my previous blog post: Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter, Xing what social network should I use? I am wondering how to decrease my time spent on updating my social networks, without becoming less social. The new TweetDeck let’s me for sure postpone my decision regarding Twitter and Facebook. With the new TweetDeck I can easily manage them both with one tool. In my opinion this means a big step forward for TweetDeck. I am curious how the competition will react.

What’s your opinion?

I am curious what you think about this new TweetDeck upgrade. You can leave your opinion by voting below, and/or leaving a comment.

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