Over 100.000 people still waiting for the Wave

Google Wave LogoWhen will the first users be given an access to the Google Wave preview? That’s today’s big question. As promised at the Google Wave presentation in May, today 100.000 users will get the access to this new phenomenon. Knowing what happened at the other side of the world it’s rather a cruel question. A quake combined with a tsunami damaged a lot, people got killed, they were not waiting for that wave. On the official Google Blog is stated that today the long awaited 100.000 invitations will be sent. Before we already explained what we basically can expect from Google Wave. The following users can expect such an invitation: If you don´t belong to one of these groups and you want to get access you should try to get nominated by one of the 100.000 happy ones. The current version seems to be far from complete. Therefore, Google calls it a “preview”, not being ready for prime time yet. Due to the fact that we at GOYELLO signed up very early we hope to receive an invitation soon. Here in Europe, the 30th of September is almost over. It seems the invitations will be sent during the Australia based Google Wave team working hours. This would enable the team to be available for the direct user feedback and support mainly from US based users. You will understand we keep checking our mail box …. If you want to see what Google Wave is up to you can watch the video below. The product managers show you in 10 minutes what Google Wave offers. We are curious about your opinion. Please share it with us below or discuss with us on Twitter: @GOYELLO

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