Will Tweetie win the Twitter client battle?

Tweetie 2 logoAs mentioned some days ago Tweetie 2 is available for download in the iPhone App Store. As a fan of the previous version I immediately downloaded this new version. High time to share my experiences after experimenting with it for some days. The bottom line conclusion: Tweetie 2 is a lot better than the previous version which was already very good, but still something is lacking. On a daily basis I use Tweetdeck for desktop, CoTweet for my shared accounts like @GOYELLO when using my laptop. Tweetie and Tweetdeck are the two Twitter clients I mostly use on my iPhone. For some reasons I keep switching in between them, although I would prefer to stick to one. I also used Twitterrific for a while, but compared to the other two it doesn´t offer anything additional in my opinion. Therefore I will not include Twitterrific in my analysis.

Fleetdeck for iPhone multiple screen managementMultiple accounts management

Since I handle multiple Twitter accounts many clients are just not suitable for me. Tweetdeck is really great for following multiple accounts. Just like on the desktop version you can have an overview of all your accounts, mentions, DM´s, friends and searches. These are synced with your desktop if you like. With a slide of your finger you move to the next overview, you do not have to logoff/logon. Unfortunately, Tweetie 2 does not offer this. This advantage also has a slight drawback. You need to be really well aware of what account you are sending your tweets from. It’s easy to switch between them, but before you know the wrong account is the active one.

Very comfortable reading and editing

Reading, forwarding and editing tweets is in my opinion way easier with Tweetie. All functions for handling tweets and people to follow are within close reach. Besides it’s rather easy to click on names of followers and to dig levels deeper into their followers etc. Tweetdeck is limited regarding this feature. Tweetie 2 attachement managementWhen you click a user name within a Tweet you will see that user’s account, but you are not able to click through to a user that is being mentioned in the Tweets. It is also not possible to get older tweets then Fleetdeck shows you on the iPhone. With Tweetie I can keep digging which makes me regularly switch to Tweetie. The new way Tweetie handles attachment is also very nice. When editing your Tweet you can easily include attachments  and your location url. Tweetie 2 DM threading I really like the threaded overview of direct messages. It enables you to follow your personal communication with one of your friends, without digging into your former tweets. Also the overview of your own Tweets is more visible within the flow of Tweets. Besides it is very easy to react on a Tweet. Just slide your finger over the Tweet and you get the most needed functions to retweet, mention, mark as favourite or to get details about the Tweeter. [poll id=”4″]

Tweetie is also available without an Internet connection

The new offline mode enables you to read, tweet, favorite, follow, save to Instapaper and more even when you don’t have a connection. Your actions will be synced as soon as you go back online. Especially when you are traveling this is a great new feature.

Tweetie and Fleetdeck should be combined

To be honest I have to conclude that there is no winner for the time being. I cannot choose out of Fleetdeck and Tweetie. Tweetie 2 is for sure a lot better than the previous one. If you handle one account I would for sure use Tweetie. To manage multiple accounts I really love the quick overview Tweetdeck provides. For quick editing and checking Tweets in more detail I prefer Tweetie. Have you got the opportunity to use Tweetie 2.0 so far? How do you like its new features? What client do you prefer? Please vote below! Feel free to leave your comments as well.

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