5 things you should add to your social media kit in 2010

Social mediaWhen you are working with social media you tend to forget that the adoption of social media is still rather low. I recently noticed this when I was requested to provide a presentation about online corporate branding. Still many people are hardly using the possibilities of social media. Meanwhile, it’s becoming obvious that you can improve your competitive advantage. By means of social media the smallest company is able to gain the branding image of a big corporate. Online the differences in between big and small are way smaller than in the offline world. Below I will share with you what social media you could give a try in 2010.

There is no golden recipe

Honestly, I think there is no golden recipe for everyone. The single best social media strategy is not existing. You will have to look for the most optimal combination of tools that let you differentiate from your competitors. You will have to think where you can meet your potential clients both on- and offline.

Many decision makers still act mainly offline

Unfortunately in most sectors many decision makers are hardly using social media. If they use the Internet it is most probable they Google a lot. To reach them you will have to rank high in Google with relevant content. Of course this means you will need an appealing website, but for this post I presume you already have one. Increasinly you will have to consider the following tools as well.

1. Start your own blog connected to your website

One of the main disadvantages of most websites is that they are rather static and it is hard to find relevant information. Too often the content of a website is hardly changing. For sure there is a lot going on in your market. Sharing your knowledge online will improve your visibility and increases your credibility. Besides search engines really like the content on blogs and you will notice your posts will rank high in no time. In this way you might be able to generate high quality traffic to your website. A very good source to read when you want to start blogging is ProBlogger and another blog I really like is How To Make My Blog.

2. Consider “micro” blogging

If you consider your own blog a too big job I advice you to have a look at solutions like Posterous or Tumblr. They enable you to quickly share your thoughts. Also when you are already blogging these solutions could be a nice add on for more personal communication.In combination with for example Twitter you might be able to generate a nice amount of traffic.

3. Create your company pages on both Facebook and LinkedIn

As I indicated before Facebook could become some kind of a world wide communication platform and therefore I think it’s better to join it. But honestly I didn’t notice too many traffic coming through Facebook till now. In contrary to LinkedIn for example. I noticed that keeping your personal page on LinkedIn up to date and by joining discussions going on there it is possible to generate leads.

4. Update your status on a regular basis

Make that you frequently update your online status to stay on peoples’ “radar”. Write on your personal and company Facebook wall about your successes, relevant trends, things you learned, etc. Also link to your blog posts. Increasingly it becomes possible to update your status on all these platforms by using an application like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. For sure I would give them a try. By means of a mobile device you can also update your status when you are traveling. I really like Tweetie for iPhone. But also Hootsuite and Tweetdeck have iPhone applications.

5. Share multimedia online on Flickr and YouTube

Movies and pictures you made which are relevant to your business can be shown online to a very huge audience. You can prepare your own commercial trailer, have an interview with a happy client, etc. and share it online. People seem to love such things. Bottom line all the above mentioned ways will make that people will get to know you better, it will create brand awareness. Sooner or later that should result in more business. But as I mentioned before there is not one golden recipe and social media are not necessarily the “golden egg”. It will need quite some time investment to start gaining from it. You have to treat it seriously, it has to be part of your marketing plan.

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