Hootsuite has just announced new premium business packages

Hootsuite Premium plan offeringHootSuite, my favourite social media client, just announced new premium packages designed for business and organizations. Fortunately, they also continu to provide a free version for most customers. But is that free version sufficient for us?

Follow the leader?

Following in the steps of industry giants like Salesforce, Basecamp and Flickr, Hootsuite crafted the package tiers to provide the most useful tools to as many customers as possible while also providing advanced tools to customers who need the business-centric features. A free service will still be provided to approximately 95% of the current users, meaning most of you will continue to use HootSuite in much the same way they do today. Additionally, power users and enterprises with teams can confidently rely on HootSuite for critical campaigns knowing there will be continuity of service from a stable company.

What’s This Mean for Me?

Starting today, all new customers will be required to select a plan upon signing-up — including choosing the free option if desired. The following week, current HootSuite users will be asked to choose a package with the help of a migration wizard to help you choose the best plan. For all customers (aside from Enterprise-class accounts), a 30-day free trial will be applicable. This period will allow you to experiment and discover which plan best fits your needs. While you don’t need to select a plan straightaway, take a look at the Pro Plans and Enterprise Package to see what is included at each level. You will notice that team collaboration is no longer for free and that is a bit disappointing to us. It looks like we will have to switch to a way more expensive solution ….. the Gold version.

More to come

Knowing the speed of development at Hootsuite we can expect to see even more powerful tools in the near time. Introducing a paid business model also means clients will become more demanding. It looks like Hootsuite is growing into a new, more professional, phase. Good luck guys! What’s your opinion about this offering?

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