Skype stopped working – the size of the problem

Yesterday we have posted a solution how to make your beloved Skype work again, after the recent update. It seems like, the size of the problem is huge! Today we concluded we posted the solution before Skype support found it out. Since posting the solution on our blog, we gained huge traffic on that one single post. We estimate around 50.000 people have experienced the “Skype stopped working” issue after updating it to the last version. [Update: Skype problem on May 26, 2011, has a different cause. Check our new post.]

Imagine a small city where each citizen is angry at you!

Taking into account, that our blog is not on the top of the Google list, I can easily say that several tousands of people couldn’t use Skype last weekend, just because compatibility mode was somehow turned on. Imagine, a small city angry at you…

Do we have any alternatives?

Imagine now, that Skype really stopped to work for a longer period of time. Do you have any other solution then Skype to communicate with your relatives, friends, coworkers? Share your ideas! how would you replace Skype, if it is gone for good?
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  • Thanks – this helped! 

  •  Thanks this was helpful!

  • Diego Fernando Bueno Ni;o

    Thanks… from colombia… it really funciont!! 

  • Anonymous

    The release didn’t just effect Windows 7. I use XP SP3 and since this release automatically installed itself, Skype has been inaccessible; as soon as it opens, the page freezes and the caption ‘Skype has encountered a problem and needs to close’ pops up. I have tried all of the remedies suggested on Skype’s forum but I still can’t get the wretched program to open. More annoyingly, I can’t download the version that release 5.3 replaced and which worked perfectly. If anybody can tell me how that might be possible to achieve I would be grateful to hear from them.

  • Anonymous

    If anybody using XP is having the same problem that I have described in my earlier post, try the following:

    Right click on the Skype icon – click Properties and then click on the Compatibility tab; under Input Settings, check the box ‘Turn off advanced text services for this program”; click Apply and then click OK. 

    I did this on the off chance that it might have an effect and it did. Skype now doesn’t freeze and the program is back to working normally.

  • Thanks for this tip!

  • Hi Richard,

    I’m having exactly the same problem.  It’s only just occured though and I can’t get into Skype at all.
    Very frustrating.  Changing the compatibility setting doesn’t work, uninstalling and reinstalling Skype doesn’t work….

    Would love to roll back to a known good version.

  • Just found a site with older versions:

    Going to give it a go.

  • I found I still had the same issue. Skype would start, and then give me the error: ‘Skype has encountered a problem and needs to close’.

    I updated to and still had the same issue.

    To fix the problem, I navigated to my user data folder – Users//AppData/Roaming/Skype and deleted all the old temp files.  I still had the error, so I removed the shared.xml file – lo and behold everything worked again.

    Maybe that will help.

  • I found launching Skype from my desktop didn’t work, but when I navigated to C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhone and launched it through there that it worked fine.

  • You are a lifesaver!  Your idea fixed my problem.

    Thank you!

  • We can replace Skype with Jabber, or or good old ICQ. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    just go to  C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhone just right click the skype.exe and run as administrator, no errors anymore

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